Re: FWD: Impedance Software

brian burke ([email protected])
Thu, 01 Aug 1996 21:43:33 -0700

> A few notes on PC impedance tools.
> 1) I received a demo of the Transmission Line Designer (TLD) software, and it
> does not seem to run on Windows 95. Does anyone have positive comments
> regarding this software?

Fabrizio, good to here from you again! With regard to TLD we have been
working on an NT and '95 port, and have just about completed it. When we
do, I will send you a demo version for '95 to review.

Furthermore, we have a new tool called IFS Modeller. This tool takes no
time to learn (like TLD), runs on all platforms, and in one dialog window
you can define arbitrary locations of rectangle and circluar structures.
It calculates RLCG (using the Boundary Element Method) for user defined
frequencies (taking into account skin effect), and creates SPICE models.
I am interested in individuals wanting to be beta sites, know of anyone?

> 2) I have spoken to Greg Doyle at Mentor Graphics and it looks like CALIF, an
> accurate, easy to use tool which I have used extensively in the past few
> years, has now been obsoleted.
> 3) Linpar is a method of moments tool which creates RLGC matrix information
> which can then be output to their Xtalk tool, which is a SPICE like waveform
> creator. It's a good tool, runs on Windows platforms.
> 4) Advanced Simulation Technology, formerly Contec CAE, provides Contec RLGC,
> which runs on UNIX and Windows platforms, is a powerful tool which includes
> skin effect and dielectric loss. Contact Fred Balistreri at (408) 434-0967.