Re: FWD: Impedance Software

FABRIZIO ZANELLA ([email protected])
31 Jul 1996 08:29:05 -0400

A few notes on PC impedance tools.
1) I received a demo of the Transmission Line Designer (TLD) software, and it
does not seem to run on Windows 95. Does anyone have positive comments
regarding this software?
2) I have spoken to Greg Doyle at Mentor Graphics and it looks like CALIF, an
accurate, easy to use tool which I have used extensively in the past few
years, has now been obsoleted.
3) Linpar is a method of moments tool which creates RLGC matrix information
which can then be output to their Xtalk tool, which is a SPICE like waveform
creator. It's a good tool, runs on Windows platforms.
4) Advanced Simulation Technology, formerly Contec CAE, provides Contec RLGC,
which runs on UNIX and Windows platforms, is a powerful tool which includes
skin effect and dielectric loss. Contact Fred Balistreri at (408) 434-0967.