EM Modeling software: What works?

Matt, Beverley & McKenzie Oliver ([email protected])
Fri, 31 May 1996 19:22:06 -0600

The Aerospace Engineering and Test Establishment functions as the
flight test authority for the Canadian Forces. In this role we carry out
alot of instrumentation work on a wide variety of aircraft (high performance
fighters to medium transport). This work is diverse, including circuit card
design to telemetry system design and everything in between.

We have a need for an electromagnetic modeling package for both
EMC/EMI prediction and antenna performance prediction. This would include
EMI prediction of new circuits as sources and victims, wire bundle modeling
and system-level modeling. We also have a need to predict telemetry system
performance based on external aircraft configuration (stores), antenna
location and frequency or polarization diversity.

Simulation frequencies are from DC to S-band (4 GHz). Our dream
package would allow the import of CAD files as the structure for simulation.

I have been examining several packages, and the MSC/EMAS
(MacNeal-Schwendler Corp) package seems promising. I would appreciate any
input that would assist in this decision.

Thank you,
M.B. Oliver
Instrumentation Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment
Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake
Medley, Alberta
[email protected]