CAD Engineer Position

Ahmed Omer ([email protected])
Fri, 17 May 1996 17:57:57 -0500

Opening at Motorola in Austin, TX.

Responsible for an advanced packaging CAD system based on Cadence framework
with several integrated design point tools, analysis point tools, and
specific software written to automate the design and modeling process. The
applicant must have an extensive UNIX background along with experience in
CAD tool development, user interfaces, and C software. Prefer applicant
with Cadence Skill programming experience. The applicant will be asked to
support the current CAD system, plan and lead an effort in CAD automation,
and interface with software vendors.

Applicant must have good oral and written communication skills. The
applicant will be interfacing with customers prior to and during the design
phase. Applicant must be able to work in a team environment that requires a
high level of personal responsibility and self motivation.

BS and MS Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree or equivalent
with five to seven years in software development with excellent knowledge of
UNIX operating systems. Prefer applicant with experience in developing CAD
systems specifically with Cadence CAD tools (PCB and/or Die).

Contact: Ahmed Omer
Phone: (512 ) 933-2247
Fax: (512) 933-5845
Email: [email protected]