Re: pc board AC noisemap standards

Don Abernathey ([email protected])
Mon, 11 Mar 1996 15:20:45 -0800


You can tell I must be having a slow day at work since I've posted
twice in one day to this group! :)

On Mar 11, 2:24pm, George Stevens/UB Networks wrote:
> Subject: pc board AC noisemap standards
> Hi folks,
> I am currently involved in defining company signal integrity standards for
> verification testing of prototype pc boards.
> Due to the varied digital component technologies (ie ttl, cmos,ecl) used
> accross the our product lines, I am attempting to
> define TECHNOLOGY INDEPENDENT guidlines for such things as:
> -positive/negative overshoot/undershoot
> -setup/hold margins
> -transition region glitches
> -Vcc AC variations on component pins

Everything you've mentioned is very technology dependant. I personally
think it would be much easier to define the limits for the above based
on your knowledge of the technologies you're going to use.

Imagine trying to define "transition region glitches" and "Vcc AC
variations on component pins" standard that would handle a GTL, CMOS
and PECL mixed design.

Write some generic guidelines for the technologies you are likely to use.

>-- End of excerpt from George Stevens/UB Networks

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