Wanted...PCI bus 3V driver/receiver models

Gary Peterson ([email protected])
Mon, 26 Feb 96 16:23:13 MST

I am trying to get a feel for how one might mix 3-volt level signaling and
5-volt level signaling PCI bus driver/receivers on a common PCI bus. I have
IBIS models for 5-volt level signaling driver/receivers from the IBIS
library courtesy of Intel. I would like to get models that are 3-volt level
signaling and "5-volt compliant" (I think this just means no VCC clamping
diode so the parts can be used with 5-volt supply) and models that are
3-volt level signaling ONLY (cannot be used with 5-volt supply because they
have proction diodes?).

I am modeling the behavior of a specific PCI bus design using Quad XTK. We
will run at 25MHz instead of 33MHz so have more than 10ns for data to settle.
IBIS models are preferred as they require less trouble on my part to translate
into useable Quad models (I'm one of those u-s-e-r-s who wants models that
plug-and-play without any effort on my part...ha). I can use Hspice models,
if that's all that is available, and will establish non-disclosure agreements
as necessary to get them. Thanks to any and all who are willing to help.

P.S. I'm placing an order with ZEELAN ASAP in order to get as many
plug-and-play models as I can afford. I've finally bit the bullet
and decided I'll have to pay time and $ to get the models I need.

Gary P.

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