Re: subscribe to si-list

George Stevens/UB Networks ([email protected])
30 Jan 96 14:01:12 EDT

I have just subscribed to the SI list this morning. I am a Sustaining Engineer
at UB Networks in Andover Ma, and part of my responsibility is to define a
standard process, to development engineering, concerning the signal integrity
of new products. More specifically, the standard process includes the
methodology for collecting and documenting signal integrity items to include
SIGNAL QUALITY (over/undershoot,rise/fall,glitches,voltage spikes) and SIGNAL
TIMING (setup/hold time margins, skew etc.).
I am currently seeking any reference information concerning these concepts
which may aid me in defining the process. Would you be able to point me in the
right direction? When I search on the web for "signal integrity" I mostly get
references to vendor product (i.e. software tools).

George Stevens
[email protected]
1-800-370-4646 x4652