Tomm V Aldridge ([email protected])
Thu, 21 Dec 95 10:56:00 PST


I am Tomm Aldridge, manager of Intel's Acceleration Tools Group (XTG)
in Hillsboro, OR. XTG is part of the Microprocessor Products Group
and is responsible for the development of tools that allow for the
probing and diagnosis of the latest processors in system at speed.

XTG needs to add a senior level electrical engineer, the description
of which follows:

"Senior Engineer, High Speed Digital Signal Integrity and Analog
Signal Expertise

Intel's XTG Tools group, responsible for the deployment of advanced
microprocessor probing tools and interfaces to high speed logic
analyzers, is seeking a senior engineer to develop the next generation
of signal interconnect and circuit technologies. These tools will
enable XTG engineers to develop probes for the successors of the
Pentium-Pro. Probing techniques must be developed in advance of the
actual silicon being available. Because of this, the successful
candidate must demonstrate the ability to interface with a wide range
of disciplines and to synthesize a coherent technology development
plant that matches the needs of the processor roadmap and the client
groups. The candidate will have a current working knowledge of high
speed design techniques with a demonstrable track record of industry
experience. Five or more years of relevant experience is highly
desired, BSEE or BS Physics required, MS or higher preferred."

If you are interested, or could suggest someone who is, contact me via
e-mail or phone at 503-264-4710, fax 503-264-4904.