RE: [SI-LIST] : Spread spectrum project

David Enchelmaier ([email protected])
Tue, 12 Oct 1999 16:16:05 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks everyone, this is a lot to think over, but at
least I know what I'm getting into now :)

I should have mentioned before, I'm in Australia, so
the rules are slightly different (although some of
them are taken from FCC regs.) I just checked again
and the SS bands are 915-928MHz (1W out), 2400-2463MHz
(4W out - not 5W as I originally thought),
2463-2483.5MHz (200mW out) and 5725-5875MHz (1W out).

Again, thanks.


--- "Schanker, Jack" <[email protected]>
> David:
> For an
> undergraduate project, I'd
> back off to something doable. How about not using
> spread spectrum, just a
> simple FSK system, at low power? Also, it would be
> easier to get working at
> a much lower frequency than 2400 MHz. Consider the
> 72-76 MHz., 216-220 MHz,
> or 902-928 MHz. Look at the FCC Rules Part 5 for
> frequencies for educational
> experimental projects. You will need an FCC
> Experimental License to operate
> any of these projects legally, unless you're a ham
> and do it in a ham band.
> Finally, if you do go ahead with SS, the FCC rules
> limit transmitter power
> output to 1 Watt, not 5 Watts. And, there's nothing
> that says you have to
> operate at a full 1 Watt.


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