Re: [SI-LIST] : Clock Skew Measurements

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Sun, 10 Oct 1999 03:08:43 EDT


If you need to measure 35 picoseconds or less of skew then contact Wavecrest.
They have a tester that will directly measure your problem. Check for further details and info. I have used their equipment
and it is very accuarate.

Harold Snyder
Scientist & Consultant

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> Hi SI Gurus,
> Anybody out there have any ideas on how to do production
> testing of clock output skew (output pin to output pin)
> on a clock distribution chip?
> I've got 2 different chips.
> The first chip has 1 PECL input and 10 PECL outputs.
> The maximum input frequency is 1.5 GHz, and the
> maximum clock output skew is spec'd at 35ps.
> The second chip is a lot like the first except that it's
> got an LVDS input and LVDS outputs. The specs on this one
> are 800 MHZ max input frequency and the maximum clock output
> skew is spec'd at 35ps.
> I'm somewhat constrained by the capabilities of my tester
> (Credence Vista Logic). Maybe I need to use some indirect
> technique with active circuitry on the load-board?.
> Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
> Regards,
> Alex Theodorou
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