Re: [SI-LIST] : the old high-frequency return current model

C Deibele ([email protected])
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 08:56:18 -0500

Eric Bogatin wrote:
> Craig- Now that I no longer work for Ansoft, I can offer my own unbiased,
> personal, professional opinions about their tools.
> The particular field solver I was referring to in my past note on 2D field
> solvers was the Maxwell 2D Extractor. It is a FEM based 2D solver. This is
> distinctly different from the one I think you are referring to, a 2.5D
> boundary element solver, outputting S parameter terms directly, which used
> to be called Strata- has a new name now that I don't recall.

It is Ensemble. While the total phase is near 1%, when one unwraps the
or looks at the dispersion, one sees clearly that they have a definite
Simply simulate a Schiffman phase shifter. The phase should have a
of angle+sin(angle) vs frequency. They have a second order effect

I would be more than happy to show you measured results, Ensemble
and results of other 2D modelers.

> I am not really familiar with the boundary solver tool- the old Strata, and
> can't comment on it- maybe someone else can. However, I am very familiar
> with the 2D FEM solver, Maxwell 2D Extractor, part of the SI 2D suite. In my
> professional opinion, "its a damn fine tool". I have verified the accuracy
> to better than 1%- a few of the papers I wrote with others on this are on my
> web site for download. I would love to get feedback from others on this
> tool.
> --eric


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