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Ron Nikel ([email protected])
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 13:52:27 -0700

D. C.

Hey, just to add fuel to the fire their (RAMBUS) senior signal integrity
engineer has recently "left" the company. I just want to add to your
rant -
since I have many of the patents in the area of source synchronous
communication at multi Mb speeds I examined for SGI the Rambus
technology at
800Mb/s. And said one thing.....they don't know what they are talking
about, it will never work reliably and their architecture leaves them
to too many jitter and skew problems - not to mention they haven't
looked at

Rambus is dumb, and intel was a bit silly beleiving that it work 100% as
advertised - nintendo was a good example of how RAMBUS was clueless.

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Contrary to the spin control appearing in the press, this is a pure SI
problem and not actually a flaw in the Camino chipset. Unless, of
you consider the use of Rambus memory to be a flaw of the chipset. Also
interesting, my sources (TANS) also say that this isn't news to Intel
engineers; they've known about it for months but in the rather tense
political environment at Intel the news didn't make it to the
The phrase "career-limiting move" have been heard a lot lately.

There's an utterly MARVELOUS story here. I've always been a big
in the Horrible Example school of engineering education, and watching
the world's largest semiconductor company crater in an extremely public
way over mismanaged signal integrity should be very, very useful in the
years to come.

D. C. Sessions
[email protected]

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