[SI-LIST] : RE: SCSI IBIS models

John Spohnheimer ([email protected])
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 16:00:50 -0500


I'm not familiar enough with IBIS issues to tell if this model is complete
or correct in the character of recent discussions on this Newsgroup,
but if someone can provide specific problems or needs, I can direct
the message to the appropriate person inside the factory. We do not
have anyone assigned to the task of automatically generating IBIS
models for all our parts (the model above was generated by the product
design engineer at the request of AMI), but are willing to attempt to
satisfy customer needs.

You may contact me directly at:

[email protected] <[email protected]>

Our SCSI Product Manager also sent me an E-mail that may provide
a link to more detailed info on modeling SCSI interconnects (minutes
of the T10 working group):
<<FW: SCSI signal modeling study group minutes>>

He also said that questions on our SCSI terminator products may be
directed to:

[email protected] <[email protected]>

I hope this helps.

John Spohnheimer
Dallas Semiconductor

-----Original Message-----
From: Shahar Bar [SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, September 10, 1999 9:43 AM
To: Signal Integrity Newsgroup

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to signal integrity simulation, so forgive me if my amateur
inqueries. I use Viewlogic's XTK software for crosstalk simulation (it
compiles IBIS files for all models). I am trying to model a set of active
SCSI terminator in order to analyze a set of differential LVD SCSI signals
(at speeds of up to Ultra3, ie 160Mb/s). I contacted Unitrode and Dallas
but neither could supply me with the appropriate models. How should I go
about modeling these terminators. The IBIS spec was vague about describing
differential signals, what I have done in the past is treat the signals as
single ended models, but this is not a realistic scenario at Ultra-3 speeds.

Any help would be appreciated....

Thank you,

Shahar Bar
Hardware Engineer
American Megatrends, Inc.
6145-F Northbelt Parkway
Norcross, GA 30071-2976
Direct: (770)246-8600 ext. 7125
Fax: (770)246-8765

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|X-Sun-Data-Type: default=0A=
|X-Sun-Data-Description: default=0A=
|X-Sun-Data-Name: ibis2118.ibs=0A=
|X-Sun-Content-Lines: 455=0A=
| IBIS file ibis2118.ibs created by s2ibis2 version 1.1=0A=
| North Carolina State University Electronics Research Laboratory =
[IBIS ver] 2.1=0A=
[File name] ibis2118.ibs=0A=
[File Rev] 1.0=0A=
[Date] 20 May 1998 =0A=
[Source] Dallas Semiconductor -- DS2118M HSPICE model =0A=
[Notes] Created by Siegfried Schmalz. =0A=
| Component DS2118M =0A=
[Component] DS2118M =0A=
[Manufacturer] Dallas Semiconductor =0A=
| variable typ min max=0A=
R_pkg 20.00m 16.00m 24.00m=0A=
L_pkg 1.50nH 1.10nH 1.90nH=0A=
C_pkg 0.15pF 0.10pF 0.20pF=0A=
[Pin] signal_name model_name R_pin L_pin =
vss vss GND=0A=
rn rn rnpin=0A=
rp rp rppin=0A=
vdd vdd POWER=0A=
[Diff Pin] inv_pin vdiff tdelay_typ tdelay_min tdelay_max=0A=
rppin rnpin NA NA =0A=
| Model rnpin=0A=
[Model] rnpin=0A=
Model_type Output=0A=
C_comp 3.00pF 3.00pF 3.00pF=0A=
[Temperature Range] 27.00 70.00 =
[Voltage Range] 5.00V 4.00V =
| voltage I(typ) I(min) I(max)=0A=
-5.00 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-4.60 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-4.20 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-3.80 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-3.40 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-3.00 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-2.60 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-2.20 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-1.80 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-1.40 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-1.00 -1.23A -1.28A -0.77A=0A=
-0.90 -0.79A -0.99A -0.16A=0A=
-0.80 -0.28A -0.57A -72.04mA=0A=
-0.70 -17.35mA -76.62mA -11.88mA=0A=
-0.60 -11.21mA -14.40mA -10.47mA=0A=
-0.50 -10.49mA -11.65mA -9.90mA=0A=
-0.40 -9.90mA -10.92mA -9.34mA=0A=
-0.30 -9.31mA -10.26mA -8.79mA=0A=
-0.20 -8.72mA -9.61mA -8.23mA=0A=
-0.10 -8.13mA -8.95mA -7.68mA=0A=
0.00 -7.54mA -8.30mA -7.12mA=0A=
0.10 -6.95mA -7.65mA -6.57mA=0A=
0.20 -6.37mA -7.01mA -6.02mA=0A=
0.30 -5.78mA -6.36mA -5.47mA=0A=
0.40 -5.20mA -5.72mA -4.92mA=0A=
0.50 -4.62mA -5.08mA -4.37mA=0A=
0.60 -4.04mA -4.44mA -3.82mA=0A=
0.70 -3.46mA -3.80mA -3.28mA=0A=
0.80 -2.89mA -3.17mA -2.73mA=0A=
0.90 -2.31mA -2.54mA -2.19mA=0A=
1.00 -1.74mA -1.91mA -1.64mA=0A=
1.10 -1.17mA -1.28mA -1.10mA=0A=
1.20 -0.60mA -0.66mA -0.57mA=0A=
1.30 -31.05uA -34.51uA -29.13uA=0A=
1.40 0.53mA 0.58mA 0.51mA=0A=
1.50 1.09mA 1.19mA 1.04mA=0A=
1.60 1.65mA 1.80mA 1.57mA=0A=
1.70 2.20mA 2.40mA 2.09mA=0A=
1.80 2.75mA 3.00mA 2.62mA=0A=
1.90 3.30mA 3.58mA 3.13mA=0A=
2.00 3.83mA 4.16mA 3.65mA=0A=
2.10 4.37mA 4.73mA 4.16mA=0A=
2.20 4.89mA 5.29mA 4.66mA=0A=
2.30 5.41mA 5.84mA 5.16mA=0A=
2.40 5.92mA 6.38mA 5.65mA=0A=
2.50 6.42mA 6.91mA 6.13mA=0A=
2.60 6.90mA 7.42mA 6.61mA=0A=
2.70 7.38mA 7.91mA 7.07mA=0A=
2.80 7.84mA 8.39mA 7.52mA=0A=
2.90 8.29mA 8.85mA 7.96mA=0A=
3.00 8.71mA 9.28mA 8.38mA=0A=
3.10 9.12mA 9.68mA 8.78mA=0A=
3.20 9.49mA 10.06mA 9.16mA=0A=
3.30 9.85mA 10.41mA 9.52mA=0A=
3.40 10.16mA 10.71mA 9.84mA=0A=
3.50 10.45mA 10.98mA 10.13mA=0A=
3.60 10.69mA 11.21mA 10.39mA=0A=
3.70 10.88mA 11.39mA 10.59mA=0A=
3.80 11.03mA 11.52mA 10.75mA=0A=
3.90 11.12mA 11.60mA 10.85mA=0A=
4.00 11.16mA 11.63mA 10.90mA=0A=
4.10 11.18mA 11.65mA 10.91mA=0A=
4.20 11.19mA 11.67mA 10.92mA=0A=
4.30 11.21mA 11.69mA 10.94mA=0A=
4.40 11.23mA 11.71mA 10.95mA=0A=
4.50 11.24mA 11.72mA 10.97mA=0A=
4.60 11.26mA 11.74mA 10.98mA=0A=
4.70 11.27mA 11.76mA 11.00mA=0A=
4.80 11.29mA 11.78mA 11.01mA=0A=
4.90 11.30mA 11.80mA 11.03mA=0A=
5.00 11.32mA 11.81mA 11.04mA=0A=
5.10 11.33mA 11.83mA 11.06mA=0A=
5.20 11.35mA 11.85mA 11.07mA=0A=
5.30 11.37mA 11.87mA 11.08mA=0A=
5.40 11.38mA 11.88mA 11.10mA=0A=
5.50 11.40mA 11.90mA 11.11mA=0A=
5.60 11.41mA 11.92mA 11.13mA=0A=
5.70 11.43mA 11.93mA 11.14mA=0A=
5.80 11.44mA 11.95mA 11.15mA=0A=
5.90 11.46mA 11.97mA 11.17mA=0A=
6.00 11.47mA 11.98mA 11.18mA=0A=
6.40 11.53mA 12.05mA 11.24mA=0A=
6.80 11.59mA 12.11mA 11.29mA=0A=
7.20 11.65mA 12.18mA 11.35mA=0A=
7.60 11.70mA 12.24mA 11.40mA=0A=
8.00 11.76mA 12.30mA 11.46mA=0A=
8.40 11.82mA 12.36mA 11.51mA=0A=
8.80 11.87mA 12.42mA 11.56mA=0A=
9.20 11.93mA 12.47mA 11.62mA=0A=
9.60 11.98mA 12.53mA 11.67mA=0A=
10.00 12.04mA 12.59mA 11.72mA=0A=
| voltage I(typ) I(min) I(max)=0A=
-5.00 12.04mA 12.44mA 11.79mA=0A=
-4.60 11.98mA 12.39mA 11.74mA=0A=
-4.20 11.93mA 12.33mA 11.68mA=0A=
-3.80 11.87mA 12.27mA 11.63mA=0A=
-3.40 11.82mA 12.21mA 11.58mA=0A=
-3.00 11.76mA 12.15mA 11.52mA=0A=
-2.60 11.70mA 12.08mA 11.47mA=0A=
-2.20 11.65mA 12.02mA 11.42mA=0A=
-1.80 11.59mA 11.95mA 11.36mA=0A=
-1.40 11.53mA 11.88mA 11.31mA=0A=
-1.00 11.47mA 11.81mA 11.25mA=0A=
-0.90 11.46mA 11.80mA 11.24mA=0A=
-0.80 11.44mA 11.78mA 11.22mA=0A=
-0.70 11.43mA 11.76mA 11.21mA=0A=
-0.60 11.41mA 11.74mA 11.20mA=0A=
-0.50 11.40mA 11.72mA 11.18mA=0A=
-0.40 11.38mA 11.71mA 11.17mA=0A=
-0.30 11.37mA 11.69mA 11.15mA=0A=
-0.20 11.35mA 11.67mA 11.14mA=0A=
-0.10 11.33mA 11.65mA 11.13mA=0A=
0.00 11.32mA 11.63mA 11.11mA=0A=
0.10 11.30mA 11.60mA 11.10mA=0A=
0.20 11.29mA 11.52mA 11.08mA=0A=
0.30 11.27mA 11.39mA 11.07mA=0A=
0.40 11.26mA 11.21mA 11.06mA=0A=
0.50 11.24mA 10.98mA 11.04mA=0A=
0.60 11.23mA 10.71mA 11.03mA=0A=
0.70 11.21mA 10.41mA 11.01mA=0A=
0.80 11.19mA 10.06mA 11.00mA=0A=
0.90 11.18mA 9.68mA 10.98mA=0A=
1.00 11.16mA 9.28mA 10.97mA=0A=
1.10 11.12mA 8.85mA 10.95mA=0A=
1.20 11.03mA 8.39mA 10.94mA=0A=
1.30 10.88mA 7.91mA 10.92mA=0A=
1.40 10.69mA 7.42mA 10.91mA=0A=
1.50 10.45mA 6.91mA 10.90mA=0A=
1.60 10.16mA 6.38mA 10.85mA=0A=
1.70 9.85mA 5.84mA 10.75mA=0A=
1.80 9.49mA 5.29mA 10.59mA=0A=
1.90 9.12mA 4.73mA 10.39mA=0A=
2.00 8.71mA 4.16mA 10.13mA=0A=
2.10 8.29mA 3.58mA 9.84mA=0A=
2.20 7.84mA 3.00mA 9.52mA=0A=
2.30 7.38mA 2.40mA 9.16mA=0A=
2.40 6.90mA 1.80mA 8.78mA=0A=
2.50 6.42mA 1.19mA 8.38mA=0A=
2.60 5.92mA 0.58mA 7.96mA=0A=
2.70 5.41mA -34.51uA 7.52mA=0A=
2.80 4.89mA -0.66mA 7.07mA=0A=
2.90 4.37mA -1.28mA 6.61mA=0A=
3.00 3.83mA -1.91mA 6.13mA=0A=
3.10 3.30mA -2.54mA 5.65mA=0A=
3.20 2.75mA -3.17mA 5.16mA=0A=
3.30 2.20mA -3.80mA 4.66mA=0A=
3.40 1.65mA -4.44mA 4.16mA=0A=
3.50 1.09mA -5.08mA 3.65mA=0A=
3.60 0.53mA -5.72mA 3.13mA=0A=
3.70 -31.05uA -6.36mA 2.62mA=0A=
3.80 -0.60mA -7.01mA 2.09mA=0A=
3.90 -1.17mA -7.65mA 1.57mA=0A=
4.00 -1.74mA -8.30mA 1.04mA=0A=
4.10 -2.31mA -8.95mA 0.51mA=0A=
4.20 -2.89mA -9.61mA -29.13uA=0A=
4.30 -3.46mA -10.26mA -0.57mA=0A=
4.40 -4.04mA -10.92mA -1.10mA=0A=
4.50 -4.62mA -11.65mA -1.64mA=0A=
4.60 -5.20mA -14.40mA -2.19mA=0A=
4.70 -5.78mA -76.62mA -2.73mA=0A=
4.80 -6.37mA -1.39A -3.28mA=0A=
4.90 -6.95mA -1.39A -3.82mA=0A=
5.00 -7.54mA -1.39A -4.37mA=0A=
5.10 -8.13mA -1.39A -4.92mA=0A=
5.20 -8.72mA -1.39A -5.47mA=0A=
5.30 -9.31mA -1.39A -6.02mA=0A=
5.40 -9.90mA -1.39A -6.57mA=0A=
5.50 -10.49mA -1.39A -7.12mA=0A=
5.60 -11.21mA -1.39A -7.68mA=0A=
5.70 -17.35mA -1.39A -8.23mA=0A=
5.80 -0.28A -1.39A -8.79mA=0A=
5.90 -1.30A -1.39A -9.34mA=0A=
6.00 -1.30A -1.39A -9.90mA=0A=
6.40 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
6.80 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
7.20 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
7.60 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
8.00 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
8.40 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
8.80 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
9.20 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
9.60 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
10.00 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
| variable typ min max=0A=
dV/dt_r 67.20u/1.39n 71.40u/1.03n =
dV/dt_f -0.53m/0.19n -0.34m/0.24n =
R_load =3D 0.10k=0A=
| End [Model] rnpin=0A=
| Model rppin=0A=
[Model] rppin=0A=
Model_type Output=0A=
C_comp 3.00pF 3.00pF 3.00pF=0A=
[Temperature Range] 27.00 70.00 =
[Voltage Range] 5.00V 4.00V =
| voltage I(typ) I(min) I(max)=0A=
-5.00 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-4.60 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-4.20 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-3.80 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-3.40 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-3.00 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-2.60 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-2.20 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-1.80 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-1.40 -1.23A -1.31A -1.15A =0A=
-1.00 -1.23A -1.28A -0.77A=0A=
-0.90 -0.79A -0.99A -0.16A=0A=
-0.80 -0.28A -0.57A -71.45mA=0A=
-0.70 -16.70mA -75.91mA -11.26mA=0A=
-0.60 -10.55mA -13.68mA -9.85mA=0A=
-0.50 -9.84mA -10.93mA -9.28mA=0A=
-0.40 -9.25mA -10.20mA -8.73mA=0A=
-0.30 -8.66mA -9.55mA -8.17mA=0A=
-0.20 -8.07mA -8.89mA -7.62mA=0A=
-0.10 -7.48mA -8.24mA -7.06mA=0A=
0.00 -6.89mA -7.59mA -6.51mA=0A=
0.10 -6.31mA -6.94mA -5.96mA=0A=
0.20 -5.72mA -6.30mA -5.41mA=0A=
0.30 -5.14mA -5.65mA -4.86mA=0A=
0.40 -4.56mA -5.01mA -4.31mA=0A=
0.50 -3.98mA -4.37mA -3.76mA=0A=
0.60 -3.40mA -3.73mA -3.21mA=0A=
0.70 -2.82mA -3.10mA -2.67mA=0A=
0.80 -2.24mA -2.46mA -2.12mA=0A=
0.90 -1.67mA -1.83mA -1.58mA=0A=
1.00 -1.10mA -1.21mA -1.04mA=0A=
1.10 -0.53mA -0.58mA -0.50mA=0A=
1.20 39.36uA 42.60uA 37.57uA=0A=
1.30 0.60mA 0.66mA 0.57mA=0A=
1.40 1.17mA 1.28mA 1.11mA=0A=
1.50 1.73mA 1.88mA 1.64mA=0A=
1.60 2.28mA 2.49mA 2.16mA=0A=
1.70 2.83mA 3.09mA 2.69mA=0A=
1.80 3.38mA 3.68mA 3.21mA=0A=
1.90 3.92mA 4.26mA 3.73mA=0A=
2.00 4.45mA 4.84mA 4.24mA=0A=
2.10 4.98mA 5.40mA 4.75mA=0A=
2.20 5.50mA 5.96mA 5.25mA=0A=
2.30 6.02mA 6.50mA 5.74mA=0A=
2.40 6.52mA 7.04mA 6.23mA=0A=
2.50 7.02mA 7.56mA 6.71mA=0A=
2.60 7.50mA 8.07mA 7.18mA=0A=
2.70 7.98mA 8.55mA 7.64mA=0A=
2.80 8.43mA 9.02mA 8.09mA=0A=
2.90 8.87mA 9.47mA 8.52mA=0A=
3.00 9.29mA 9.90mA 8.94mA=0A=
3.10 9.69mA 10.30mA 9.34mA=0A=
3.20 10.07mA 10.67mA 9.71mA=0A=
3.30 10.41mA 11.01mA 10.06mA=0A=
3.40 10.72mA 11.31mA 10.38mA=0A=
3.50 11.00mA 11.57mA 10.67mA=0A=
3.60 11.24mA 11.79mA 10.91mA=0A=
3.70 11.43mA 11.97mA 11.12mA=0A=
3.80 11.57mA 12.10mA 11.27mA=0A=
3.90 11.66mA 12.17mA 11.37mA=0A=
4.00 11.69mA 12.20mA 11.41mA=0A=
4.10 11.71mA 12.22mA 11.42mA=0A=
4.20 11.73mA 12.24mA 11.44mA=0A=
4.30 11.74mA 12.26mA 11.45mA=0A=
4.40 11.76mA 12.27mA 11.47mA=0A=
4.50 11.77mA 12.29mA 11.48mA=0A=
4.60 11.79mA 12.31mA 11.50mA=0A=
4.70 11.81mA 12.33mA 11.51mA=0A=
4.80 11.82mA 12.35mA 11.53mA=0A=
4.90 11.84mA 12.36mA 11.54mA=0A=
5.00 11.85mA 12.38mA 11.55mA=0A=
5.10 11.87mA 12.40mA 11.57mA=0A=
5.20 11.88mA 12.42mA 11.58mA=0A=
5.30 11.90mA 12.43mA 11.60mA=0A=
5.40 11.91mA 12.45mA 11.61mA=0A=
5.50 11.93mA 12.47mA 11.63mA=0A=
5.60 11.95mA 12.49mA 11.64mA=0A=
5.70 11.96mA 12.50mA 11.65mA=0A=
5.80 11.98mA 12.52mA 11.67mA=0A=
5.90 11.99mA 12.54mA 11.68mA=0A=
6.00 12.01mA 12.55mA 11.70mA=0A=
6.40 12.07mA 12.62mA 11.75mA=0A=
6.80 12.12mA 12.68mA 11.81mA=0A=
7.20 12.18mA 12.75mA 11.86mA=0A=
7.60 12.24mA 12.81mA 11.92mA=0A=
8.00 12.30mA 12.87mA 11.97mA=0A=
8.40 12.35mA 12.93mA 12.03mA=0A=
8.80 12.41mA 12.99mA 12.08mA=0A=
9.20 12.46mA 13.04mA 12.13mA=0A=
9.60 12.52mA 13.10mA 12.18mA=0A=
10.00 12.57mA 13.16mA 12.24mA=0A=
| voltage I(typ) I(min) I(max)=0A=
-5.00 12.57mA 13.01mA 12.30mA=0A=
-4.60 12.52mA 12.96mA 12.25mA=0A=
-4.20 12.46mA 12.90mA 12.20mA=0A=
-3.80 12.41mA 12.84mA 12.14mA=0A=
-3.40 12.35mA 12.78mA 12.09mA=0A=
-3.00 12.30mA 12.72mA 12.04mA=0A=
-2.60 12.24mA 12.65mA 11.99mA=0A=
-2.20 12.18mA 12.59mA 11.93mA=0A=
-1.80 12.12mA 12.52mA 11.88mA=0A=
-1.40 12.07mA 12.45mA 11.82mA=0A=
-1.00 12.01mA 12.38mA 11.77mA=0A=
-0.90 11.99mA 12.36mA 11.75mA=0A=
-0.80 11.98mA 12.35mA 11.74mA=0A=
-0.70 11.96mA 12.33mA 11.73mA=0A=
-0.60 11.95mA 12.31mA 11.71mA=0A=
-0.50 11.93mA 12.29mA 11.70mA=0A=
-0.40 11.91mA 12.27mA 11.68mA=0A=
-0.30 11.90mA 12.26mA 11.67mA=0A=
-0.20 11.88mA 12.24mA 11.65mA=0A=
-0.10 11.87mA 12.22mA 11.64mA=0A=
0.00 11.85mA 12.20mA 11.63mA=0A=
0.10 11.84mA 12.17mA 11.61mA=0A=
0.20 11.82mA 12.10mA 11.60mA=0A=
0.30 11.81mA 11.97mA 11.58mA=0A=
0.40 11.79mA 11.79mA 11.57mA=0A=
0.50 11.77mA 11.57mA 11.55mA=0A=
0.60 11.76mA 11.31mA 11.54mA=0A=
0.70 11.74mA 11.01mA 11.53mA=0A=
0.80 11.73mA 10.67mA 11.51mA=0A=
0.90 11.71mA 10.30mA 11.50mA=0A=
1.00 11.69mA 9.90mA 11.48mA=0A=
1.10 11.66mA 9.47mA 11.47mA=0A=
1.20 11.57mA 9.02mA 11.45mA=0A=
1.30 11.43mA 8.55mA 11.44mA=0A=
1.40 11.24mA 8.07mA 11.42mA=0A=
1.50 11.00mA 7.56mA 11.41mA=0A=
1.60 10.72mA 7.04mA 11.37mA=0A=
1.70 10.41mA 6.50mA 11.27mA=0A=
1.80 10.07mA 5.96mA 11.12mA=0A=
1.90 9.69mA 5.40mA 10.91mA=0A=
2.00 9.29mA 4.84mA 10.67mA=0A=
2.10 8.87mA 4.26mA 10.38mA=0A=
2.20 8.43mA 3.68mA 10.06mA=0A=
2.30 7.98mA 3.09mA 9.71mA=0A=
2.40 7.50mA 2.49mA 9.34mA=0A=
2.50 7.02mA 1.88mA 8.94mA=0A=
2.60 6.52mA 1.28mA 8.52mA=0A=
2.70 6.02mA 0.66mA 8.09mA=0A=
2.80 5.50mA 42.60uA 7.64mA=0A=
2.90 4.98mA -0.58mA 7.18mA=0A=
3.00 4.45mA -1.21mA 6.71mA=0A=
3.10 3.92mA -1.83mA 6.23mA=0A=
3.20 3.38mA -2.46mA 5.74mA=0A=
3.30 2.83mA -3.10mA 5.25mA=0A=
3.40 2.28mA -3.73mA 4.75mA=0A=
3.50 1.73mA -4.37mA 4.24mA=0A=
3.60 1.17mA -5.01mA 3.73mA=0A=
3.70 0.60mA -5.65mA 3.21mA=0A=
3.80 39.36uA -6.30mA 2.69mA=0A=
3.90 -0.53mA -6.94mA 2.16mA=0A=
4.00 -1.10mA -7.59mA 1.64mA=0A=
4.10 -1.67mA -8.24mA 1.11mA=0A=
4.20 -2.24mA -8.89mA 0.57mA=0A=
4.30 -2.82mA -9.55mA 37.57uA=0A=
4.40 -3.40mA -10.20mA -0.50mA=0A=
4.50 -3.98mA -10.93mA -1.04mA=0A=
4.60 -4.56mA -13.68mA -1.58mA=0A=
4.70 -5.14mA -75.91mA -2.12mA=0A=
4.80 -5.72mA -1.39A -2.67mA=0A=
4.90 -6.31mA -1.39A -3.21mA=0A=
5.00 -6.89mA -1.39A -3.76mA=0A=
5.10 -7.48mA -1.39A -4.31mA=0A=
5.20 -8.07mA -1.39A -4.86mA=0A=
5.30 -8.66mA -1.39A -5.41mA=0A=
5.40 -9.25mA -1.39A -5.96mA=0A=
5.50 -9.84mA -1.39A -6.51mA=0A=
5.60 -10.55mA -1.39A -7.06mA=0A=
5.70 -16.70mA -1.39A -7.62mA=0A=
5.80 -0.28A -1.39A -8.73mA=0A=
5.90 -1.30A -1.39A -9.28mA=0A=
6.00 -1.30A -1.39A -1.17A=0A=
6.40 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
6.80 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
7.20 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
7.60 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
8.00 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
8.40 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
8.80 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
9.20 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
9.60 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
10.00 -1.30A -1.39A -1.18A=0A=
| variable typ min max=0A=
dV/dt_r 50.40u/0.95n 76.20u/1.01n =
dV/dt_f -0.53m/0.20n -0.34m/0.27n =
R_load =3D 0.10k=0A=
| End [Model] rppin=0A=
| End [Component] DS2118M =0A=

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* From the T10 Reflector ([email protected]) <mailto:[email protected])> , posted by:
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Hi All

The minutes from the last SCSI signal modeling
group have been posted on the web site, the
document number is 99-270r0. The approved minutes
from the previous meeting (July 29 Manchester NH)
have also been posted as 99-236r1.
Also a project proposal to make the ssm work
a standard has also been posted as 99-243r0. I would
appreciate if you would review the project proposal
because we will discuss this at next weeks spi working
group meeting.

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