[SI-LIST] : IBIS Model Libraries

[email protected]
Wed, 1 Sep 1999 16:14:39 -0700

I have been given the task of starting and supporting a signal integrity
process. The questions my supervisor wanted answered before we made any
significant structural changes or additions in terms of data or man power

How do other companies that use signal integrity (Interconnectix in
particular) organize their libraries of IBIS models?
What kinds of processes do they go through to obtain and maintain those
models and the information associated with them i.e. keeping track of paths
to parts and which internal part number that models works for?
Is there some software package that does that?

Any enlightenment on either what is a good method or what is a poor method
would be helpful. I have been finding that I spend a great deal of time
determining what part an internal number is associated with and then trying
to find the model if it even exists and then more time if it does not
creating that model. All of which spans many different groups with many
different managers, different budgets, and different priorities.

Stony Yakovac

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