[SI-LIST] : Power Distribution along a connector

Chris Bobek ([email protected])
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 12:53:04 -0700

I am designing a 6U VME card that has power and grounds (both 3.3V and
5V) distributed along the length of two connectors. So, if the board is
a rectangle, you have a row of power pins along the long side (right
side) of the board.

There is a requirement to provide fuses for each power source. So, that
means there has to be an intermediary plane that the connector pins bond
to that runs the length of the board. Then, at some point, let's say in
the middle, a fuse bridges this plane to the power plane.

My question is, will adding this fuse negate all of the benfits we have
of the plane on the backplane and the plane on the board, since all
positive current has to flow through this little fuse?

Does anyone have a better idea?



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