Re: [SI-LIST] : Proposal: Rs correlation/collaboration for W-Elements

Jiayuan Fang ([email protected])
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> I agree with Richard, the really important factor is accuracy of Rs and
> Gd values. As they are multiplied by frequency, a small error makes a
> huge difference. But for a given Rs and Gd, my algorithm in W element
> will give you mathematically accurate answer.
> I would like to comment on the Sqrt(f)*(1+j)*Rs skin-effect equation
> introduced in Hspice 99.2. It has mathematically correct imaginary
> part, and does not require frequency-response correction. But this
> equation is only valid for cylindrical conductors and only at higher
> frequencies.
> This skin-effect equation produces the corresponding inductive component
> Ls(f)=Rs/(2*Pi*Sqrt(f)). Thus, the inductance becomes infinite at dc.
> This substantially alters the waveforms especially when Rs is large.
> This was the reason I used Rs*Sqrt(f) in W element. This equation gives
> asymptotically correct loss, and I was restoring the correct imaginary
> part for any, not just cylindrical, configuration by applying
> frequency-response correction.


Would you elaborate on how you apply the frequency-response correction to
restore the correct imaginary part? Has it been implemented in current
version of HSPICE? Thanks.

- Jiayuan Fang

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