Re: [SI-LIST] : [SI-LIST] Positive ECL (PECL) voltage swings,

L D Miller ([email protected])
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 11:43:34 -0700

I believe I can answer some of that, at least for 1 Gb Ethernet.

(A) The input circuits for fiber optics transceivers and SERDES inputs need
to be common-mode DC biased to set the input stage operating point. In
"classical PECL" this would normally be Vcc-2.0 VDC. However, the various
transceiver manufacturers and SERDES manufacturers do not agree on what
this voltage should be.

Therefore, if you use a "classical" 50-ohm thevenin-equivalent DC circuit
(usually 82 ohms and 130 ohms) many combinations of fiber optics
transceiver and SERDES are not happy, ranging from poor noise margins to
total non-operation.

(B) We have always insisted (and the manufacturers seem to slowly be coming
around to this as a standard) that these coupling caps be located in the
fiber optics transceiver package for reduced EMI.

Hope this helps,

Larry Miller
Nortel Networks

>Will some one shed some light on why differential lines (to and from) a ECL
>device are AC coupled? I've been unsuccessful at finding an answer from my
>internet searches.
>I am speaking specifically to the AC coupling that is found in=
>ser-des transmitters.
>(P)ECL C1
>| \ |
>| / | C2
> | |
> | |
> < R1 >R2
> > <
> | |
> | |
> _|_ _|_
>Where C1=3DC1=3D0.01uF
>Why is the capacitor needed? What is the theory behind this=
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