[SI-LIST] : si-list posting etiquette

Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Mon, 26 Jul 1999 09:51:28 -0700 (PDT)


Time for a gentle remeinder to all list users regarding job
postings (and responses to same) on si-list.

The existing stance on job postings is:

Occasional postings by working engineers and hiring managers
looking to augment their staffs are OK. HR and head-hunter
postings are to be discouraged. Please limit the job postings
to a simple description of the job, candidate requirements,
and other pertinent info along with a contact phone number or
e-mail address. Please try to not be too "commercial".

(Most users seem to comply with the spirit and intent of this
really well. A remarkable feat with about 1400 subscribers ! )

On replying to job postings:

As of late there has been a bit of a problem with respect to
some users publicly replying to job postings on the list rather
than directly to the potential employer.

As I see it, there are two main aspects of this practice that
are problematic:

1. Most of the 1400 other list subscribers don't desire
to see your resume' or advertisement and don't want their
mail boxes filled with irrelevant messages.

2. If you send your resume or other response to a job posting
to a public forum, be aware your present boss may be reading
your response.


Please make sure you check the 'To:' addresses before you press the
send button on your mailer. If you are Replying to a si-list
message the reply will automatically go to the list unless you
manually edit the 'To:' to direct it to the intended recipient.

I'm 99% sure people aren't sending job offer replies to the list
on purpose, but that they just aren't paying attention to their
mail's destination address before pressing the send button.

One last thing, please don't respond to this message on the
list. With all the good technical discussion threads as of late
we don't need to consume bandwith with replies to this administrivia.
(If you want to respond to what I've said, please e-mail directly,
and be sure you check the 'To:' address prior to unleashing your
herd of packetized electrons....)

Ray Anderson
[email protected]
si-list admin

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