[SI-LIST] : Buffer Delay Vs Timing_location parameter in IBIS

Lalit B. Shinde ([email protected])
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 20:08:14 -0400

Dear SI-Gurus,

IBIS spec provides Si_location and Timing_location parameters on
Component to specify measurement location position. Currently
these parameters can take any one of the following values "Die"
and "Pin". However, the spec does not talk about which all
"Timing" measurements should use these parameters.

Flight time (Buffer Delay) of a Driver is usually calculated with
Package pin parasitics included. When IBIS model on Driver has a
Timing_location set to 'Die', do users calculate flight time of
the Driver at Die Pad (excluding package pin parasitics) ?

Biggest challenge lies in correlating this to the Common Clock
System timing equation where
Driver Tco(max) + Flight Time + Setup needs to be less than
Clock Period.

When Timing_location is set to Die, do users get/use the Tco data
at Die Pad ? If yes, can someone share their experience ?
If Tco data always includes the Package parasitics, should
Timing_location parameter on a Driver be ignored for Buffer Delay
calculations (And the spec be updated accordingly) ?

(o) 978-262-6475

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