Re: [SI-LIST] : Broadside Coupled Traces

Georg Ramsch ([email protected])
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:47:32 +0200

Hello, Andy !

Andy Burkhardt wrote:

> Dear Georg,
> I found one a couple of years back. It was maintained on a Microwave Design
> company's web site in New England area. (I think)
> I have an out of date Errata (194kB, 12/6/97, Wadell Errata.doc, Winword
> format)
> that I downloaded a while back when we were chasing equations.
> After what seemed like a never ending search we opted for a more
> universal approach using Boundary Element Method field solving.

Thanks for your hints; the errata file is not complete.
Sometimes faults occur in this book, which are not believable.
"The never ending search" experienced a lot of people, including me.
When I found the formulas for coupled lines mostly being wrong (for what reason
I just "hammered" them to the right direction, using my practical knowledge
transmission line design. One formula f.e. looked asymmetrical, but should not.
So I typed the single calculus steps into an Excel spreadsheet and looked at the
It lasts up to one day / week until one formula is adjusted by this method.

If you are interested, I could show you a spreadsheet for the calculation
of max. data transfer rates on bussed systems.

What are your comments on my sw demo ?
(also TL design tool, but going further regarding skin effect over temperature
range, impedance over er range, impedance variation regarding multidrop busses)

CU :-)


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