Re: [SI-LIST] : About HSPICE model

Kim Helliwell ([email protected])
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 16:43:42 -0700

D. C. Sessions wrote:
> chenlanbing wrote:
> >
> > HI,
> > I'm working on SI.I like to simulate the transmiter line by HSPICE.Now I need the hspice I/O buffer model,such as AMCC 2064.Who can help me?
> The reason that IBIS was developed in the first place is that
> semiconductor companies like (to pick one at random) VLSI
> Technology keep their process models and to a lesser extent
> their circuit architectures very confidential.
> IOW, don't get your hopes up.

On the other hand, I've had reasonable luck getting
such models from vendors under an NDA agreement. The
ability to do this probably depends on your company's
relationship with the vendor; if you buy a lot of
their parts, they'll be more willing to accommodate

My feeling is: a vendor should either give you an
IBIS model or a SPICE model (subject to an NDA). If
they are unwilling to do either, you have to wonder
how they expect you to design their parts in.

By the way: If you *DO* have an IBIS model, the latest
version of HSPICE will read it directly, so you don't
have to have an HSPICE model to use HSPICE in that
event. You should see the manual for the new version
for details. I make no representations as to accuracy,
ease of use, etc. I've used it, and I think it's
worth a look, anyway.

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