Re: [SI-LIST] : RE: [SI-LIST]: Long bus or star?

Jon Keeble ([email protected])
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 08:30:59 +1000

>As you noted, for the star configuration the effect is indeed incident wave
>switching; however, your deduction of the doubling of the rise time at the
>load is incorrect. As the (rising) wave arrives at the high impedance
>the reflection is immediately launched in the reverse direction and adds to
>the voltage observed at the load. When the incident wave stops rising, so
>does the reflected wave. Since the sum of the two waves starts when the
>first encounters the incident wave and stops when it is complete, the rise
>time at the load is the same as that of the incident wave.
>Mike Conn

Yes, you are right. Serves me right for reading this interesting mail group
when I should be asleep in bed.


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