Re: [SI-LIST] : Differential clock jitter and switching noise

Jose Luis Gonzalez ([email protected])
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 09:31:58 -0700

"D. C. Sessions" wrote:
> > Assuming switching noise spikes are symmetrical in power and ground
> > on-chip
> > lines,
> Bad assumption. Most on-chip supply noise results from IR drop
> on the supply lines. Since a great deal of the (for instance)
> rising edge signal current returns on the positive rail, the
> ground paths are NOT disturbed as much as the positive rails.

That applies for off-chip loads. For on-chip loads, the current
return loop comprises both, the positive and the ground rail (for
full CMOS output swing), independently of the output switching
direction. Also I guess that most of the on-chip supply noise
results from dI/dt drop. So if the effective inductance from the
external power supply or nearest decoupling capacitor to the power
and ground internal rails is approximately the same, the dI/dt noise
should be symmetrical in both rails.

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