D. C. Sessions (dc.sessions@vlsi.com)
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 09:58:25 -0700

owsley@us.ibm.com wrote:
> Did anyone else get SPAMMED from SuzanneS37? This list is the only place I
> recall using my id. I have another one to use as SPAM bait.

Nope. HOWEVER are you sure you haven't given out your address to
any industry magazines or conferences? EDN and ISD both sell their
address lists to spammers, and in fact ISD actually spams FOR its
advertisers. DesignCon sells your e-mail address to spammers, and
although _in_theory_ DAC doesn't the list still got out last year.

In the epresent environment, I'm now refusing to give my address
to magazines or conferences. If that means they won't do business
with me, I guess I can live with that. If *everyone* refuses to
give them addresses, maybe they'll get a clue.

That, or the laws in Washington, California, and Virginia.

D. C. Sessions

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