[SI-LIST] : Interconnect modeling from TDR measurements

Dima Smolyansky ([email protected])
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:33:30 -0800


Some of the people who participate in SI Reflector and IBIS meetings may =
recall that we at TDA Systems promised to release our TDR measurement =
and modeling software for IC package and PCB interconnects at the end of =
March. Well, here we are, at the end of March, and our IConnect(TM) =
software version 1.0 is available as promised. I attached our earlier =
press release that I posted here for people who want a little more =
information; we also have a web site, www.tdasystems.com.

Our goal is to provide people in the interconnect characterization and =
modeling community with efficient tools for measurement-based =
interconnect modeling, and this is what our software is all about. We =
are committed to making sure our customers are able to achieve their =
goals, and that also means that we will always listen to what our =
customers tell us about their needs and will develop our interconnect =
modeling software products based on that input.




Dima Smolyansky Marketing and System Development TDA Systems, Inc. 7465 SW Elmwood St. Portland OR 97223 503-977-3629 503-245-5684 (FAX) [email protected] http://www.tdasystems.com

01-15-99 -- IConnect? interconnect modeling software dramatically = simplifies equivalent circuit model extraction from Time Domain = Reflectometry (TDR) measurements. Using data acquired through a GPIB = interface to a Tektronix 11801/CSA803 or a Hewlett Packard 54750A/54120 = oscilloscope, IConnect? computes the true impedance profile of the = Device Under Test (DUT) and extracts impedance, capacitance and = inductance values for the device discontinuities. IConnect? automatically generates a SPICE netlist for the DUT, which can = be directly used for system level simulations. An integrated interface = to PSPICE allows model simulation and verification without leaving the = framework of the IConnect? software. The measured and simulated = waveforms are compared in the same waveform viewer, where waveform math = and filtering can be used for further analysis of discrepancies between = the simulation and measurement. To ensure customer success with the = IConnect? modeling software, TDA Systems provides assistance with = on-site training and consulting on TDR measurements, probing and = fixturing solutions. IConnect? runs on Windows NT/98/95. Annual = maintenance agreements are available. For more information, contact Dima = Smolyansky at (503) 977-3629, or visit the company web site at = www.tdasystems.com. TDA Systems, Inc., Portland, OR (503) 977-3629

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