[SI-LIST] : Periodic Obligatory Warning on Proprietary Postings

Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 12:58:14 -0800 (PST)

(Soap Box mode on)

I am sure the majority of the list readership is
aware that all messages posted to si-list are distributed
to approximately 1350 recipients spread across the world.

Be aware that at least 99% of those recipients
don't work for your company and may be your COMPETITORS.

As stated in a message sent to the list earlier
this week: When you press the "Reply-To" button, your
message will be sent to the LIST, not directly to the person
who wrote the message you are replying to.

Numerous "me too" messages have been sent to the list
over the past day or so requesting copies of an EMC presentation.
I am sure the senders of those messages meant them to go to
the person who originally posted notice of the presentation and
not to the entire list membership. In the case in question no
damage was done except to flood 1350 mailboxes with spurious
messages, however the same click of a mouse could have forwarded
sensitive information to the same 1350 recipients.

Before pressing the "SEND" button on your mailer please
take a couple of seconds and review the address field. Be sure
your message is going where you want it to.

In the approximately 5 years that si-list has been in
operation I believe only 3 messages have been inadvertently posted
to the list containing less than public company information.
Be sure that you are not #4...... I'm sure no one wants to explain
to their management why some prize company secret has just been
scattered across the earth (with their name on it).

(Soap box mode off)

To all those who know all of what I just covered, my apologies
for the unnecessary rehash.

To the rest of us, please consider the implications and
take an extra second or two to be sure your messages are addressed
to the proper recipients.

-Ray Anderson

Sun Microsystems Inc.

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