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> Mr Grasso
>Since the ferrite beads performance changes radically with
>frequency, the best model would be an S-parameter file. However,
>the frequency domain simulators (HP and Compact) are the only
>ones that can use S-parameters as models.

Not quite true. Applied Simulation Technology has a program that reads
S parameters and generates frequency dependent models for ApsimSPICE
known as ContecSPICE. The program has been in good use since about 1994.
not as popular as microwave products such as Touchtone and the like the
program is better suited for Digital Applications where the model can
be easily used with
non-linear models such as IBIS or SPICE level. This would be equivalent
of using for example
Microwave SPICE except the S parameters can be accounted for and
transmission line
analysis is much improved than the versions of SPICE developed in the
1970's or 80's.
You can check it out at We also attend many trade
shows like PCB conference
or Design Con.

Fred Balistreri
Applied Simulation Technology

>A distant second would be the bahavioral models.

>Ron Miller

>> Does any one out there have a model (usable in Spice) for a ferrite bead?

>>Thank you

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