Re: [SI-LIST] : A Question About Power Noise.

Pat Zabinski ([email protected])
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 06:36:45 -0600

Doug, et. al.,

I'd like to accept the challenge.

At Mayo, we have the equipment, tools, funding, personnel, and charter to
perform just such a study. Being a not-for-profit research group,
we're also well suited to provide all the results to everyone
in an unbiased manner.

We've performed capacitor studies in the past, but they've primarily involved
looking at the capacitor itself and not necessarily the overall decoupling
environment (i.e., connection to component and power planes).
We're willing to extend our studies to include these effects, but
we'd like to do so in a controlled, methodical manner.

If anyone out there is interested in seeing such a study performed,
I would like to get your input on the tests we should perform
and how we should report the results. If the SI List is interested,
we could provide regular updates on progress (say, every month or
two), with the study eventually leading to an IEEE journal paper.

If you have interest or input to the study, please feel free to
e-mail or call me with your input. I'll collect the input and
post a summary. In addition, if you're interested in supporting
the study by making measurements, simulations, or analysis, please
let me know as well.

Pat Zabinski

> So here is my challenge to some of you. My company has tried to design,
> test, and report on two areas in the past --- the effects of vias on PCB's,
> and the effects of 90 degree corners on PCB's. The results of both
> investigations appeared in PCB Design and copies are available on our web
> site. My company does not have the resources to conduct an experiment on
> bypass caps (although we will certainly participate to the extent we can
> help). Some of you DO have the resources. So lets have a few people
> associated with this group figure out how to design and control an
> experiment that will resolve these issues once and for all, and share those
> results with the rest of the community.
> I hope someone picks up the challenge.
> Doug Brooks

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