[SI-LIST] : T-line models & simulation

Lynne Green ([email protected])
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 15:25:33 -0800 (PST)

re: Modeling transmission lines

For those who really want to stay in the time domain, there are a number of
SPICE versions that now have both lossy and coupled T-line models. HSPICE from
Avant! is one that comes to mind. There are probably a number of others.

Another option is to write your own model (such as MAST or VHDL-AMS languages),
but this can get hairy. Not for the novice. Not supported in all simulators.

Biggest problem with time domain simulators is they can do weird things if the
line is near a multiple of lambda/4; timestep contral should be watched. This
should not be a major issue for ICs in packages.

Lynne Green
Green Streak Programs

On 04-Mar-99 Ron Miller wrote:
> Hi guys
> In order to understand and to simulate the CQFP and CBGA packages the
> frequency domain is the best way to go because all lead inductances also
> have
> distributed capacitance. Frequency domain models of transmission lines are
> as close to reality as we can get, and are available only in frequency domain
> simulators. Some of these simulators also have FFTs and convolution to get
> back to the time domain for waveform analysis.
> So, do not get hung up on inductance and capacitance only. There is more
> than
> meets the eye.
> Ron Miller

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