[SI-LIST] : Oscillation in lumped circuits and transmission lines

Arani Sinha ([email protected])
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 00:01:50 -0800 (PST)


I have the following question.

We can model an interconnect as either a lumped circuit or a
transmission line. By means of lumped modeling, we can say that
it has an oscillatory response if its damping factor is less
than 1. By means of transmission line modeling, we can say that
it has an oscillatory response if the signal reflection
co-efficients at source and load satisfy certain conditions.

My question is whether oscillation in a lumped circuit and
signal reflection in a transmission line are actually the same
phenomenon. If so, there should be a correlation between
conditions for oscillation in a lumped circuit and those for
oscillation in a transmission line.

After many discussions and much thought, I have not been able
to determine a correlation. I am also ambivalent about whether
they are the same phenomenon.

I understand that the damping factor in a lumped circuit is
equivalent to the attenuation constant in a transmission line
and that condition of no reflection is equivalent to the
maximum power transfer theorem.

I will really appreciate help in this regard.



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