I found the courses by Lee Ritchey very useful and have heard
the same from a number of others.  While I have heard good things
about Dr Johnson's course I can not comment on it myself.

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Hello All,
              I was wondering if anyone had a great SI training to recommend.
I am familiar with the seminars being offered by Dr. Howard Johnson, but they sell out quite fast...
I welcome any comments from past experiences with companies, teachers, training facilities and the like.
Thanks for your feedback,
Patrick Francq
Hardware Designer / SI Specialist
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NGN Ventures, San Francisco, Apr 17-19, Hyperchip Booth #108
Networld+Interop, Las Vegas, May 8-10, Hyperchip Booth #7837
SUPERCOMM, Atlanta, June 5-7, Hyperchip Booth #149D

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