[SI-LIST] : Announcement: Upcoming si-list move

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From: Ray Anderson ([email protected])
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 12:40:21 PDT

si-list users:

        Just a heads up to alert everyone that there will be
a modification to si-list in the next couple of days.

        In the 8 years that si-list has been in existance it
has grown from an initial cadre of 40 subscriber to today's
2000+ subscribers. All this time it has been running on the
same ancient hardware, a 33MHz Sparc-10 that was rescued from
the lab scrap heap. The averge daily posting volume of 10-20
messages multiplied by 2000+ subscribers translates into a
rather hefty network bandwidth usage on our local lan. In addition,
there are some mail service architecture changes in the offing here
locally that will complicate (or break) the mail processing
in si-list.

        To address these issues and more, si-list has found a new
home. It will be hosted on a yahoogroups.com server. (heavy metal,
compared to the present sparc-10 platform).

        What it will mean:
1) A new address to send list messages to. (messages sent to the
        old address will be forwarded to the new one though).
2) More control for the users with regards to subscribing,
        unsubscribing, and changing from separate message or digest
        format. (you can even elect not to receive mail and just
        read it on a web site).
3) Message traffic will be archived instantly instead of every
        few weeks when I get around to it :) (and the archived messages
        will be searchable)
4) Users will be able to post files to the web site for download
        by others.
5) More effective spam filtering.

6) The server will be professionaly maintained, and the user list
        and archives will be backed up regularly by the server sys-admins.
7) and much, much more........

What you need to do:
        NOTHING. (the list database will be transferred in bulk to
        the new server. No need to individually resubscribe.)
When will it happen:

        Sometime this week hopefully when the subscriber database
        transfer is accomplished.
        When the database is transferred, a message will be sent out
        with info on the new address as well as the new subscribe,
        unsubscribe procedures and access info for the web site.

The past list archives will continue to be accessible at their
present location at http://www.qsl.net/wb6tpu . All traffic
generated after the move is accomplished will be archived at the
new web site.

I'll continue to be the list maintainer.
If you have questions, send them direct to me at [email protected]

Ray Anderson
si-list admin

Staff SI Engineer
Sun Microsystems Inc.

**** To unsubscribe from si-list or si-list-digest: send e-mail to
[email protected] In the BODY of message put: UNSUBSCRIBE
si-list or UNSUBSCRIBE si-list-digest, for more help, put HELP.
si-list archives are accessible at http://www.qsl.net/wb6tpu

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