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From: Saeen Malik ([email protected])
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 10:08:34 PDT

Hello SI gurus,

I want to delay some clocks relative to data on my board to take care
of setup and hold time requirements of the receiver. I am using
Hspice and the topology is

Driver ---- Transmission line ---- Receiver

The source impedence of the driver is pretty close to the impedence of
the transmission line, therefore, no series termination is required.
(as per my simulations using Hspice). The risetime of the driver is
approximately 600 ps (0-100%). The propdelay of the transmission line
comes out to be 165 ps/inch.

I am using Hspice version 2000.2 and am using ideal transmission line.
(T elements). My understanding was, if the length of the transmission
line is longer than twice the rise time, any extra delay I add should
appear as pure delay (neglecting any degradation in risetime).
But, when I do a spice run on trace lengths from 10 inch to 25 inch
and measure the the delay between waveforms of different lengths,
the results do not appear uniform. For example, I expect to see
the delay between a 15 inch tline and 16inch tline to be 165ps, but it
is not so. Sometimes it is more and sometimes it is less (across the
length sweep 10-25inch). What could be the reason for this????

One more thing, the signal has a 50% duty cycle and I am measuring the
delay after 10 cycles (just to let the initial transitions die out).
The frequency is 125MHz.

Any inputs would be really appreciated...


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