FW: [SI-LIST] : Bypass Cap via placement considered. Negative L's?

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From: Omar Al-Taher (omart@avxus.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 08:25:47 PST

Hello All,

   Here at AVX we have a capacitor that actually uses the canceling mutual
inductance concept to lower the total inductance (IDC or Inter-Digitated
 It is one SMT capacitor with eight terminations, so it looks like a cap
array. The way it works is the current flows in opposite directions on
adjacent terminations which gives the inductance canceling effect. We get
about a 1:10 improvement in inductance compared to equivalent sized and
valued standard ceramic part.
  There's more info at the following URLs:



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Your theory of canceling magnetic fields, reducing the effective L of a
circuit is true. If you
look at page 102 of "Capacitance, Inductance and Crosstalk Analysis"
by Charles S. Walker, he talks about how you can arrange conductors to
change the mutual
inductance. The problem you face with normal capacitors is the series
parasitics will have a negative effect on performance . Also the capacitors
would have to be
closely matched or balanced (expensive) to achieve maximum
field cancellation.

Instead of two capacitors, if you consider modifying the internal structure
of one capacitor to
make a circuit that contains two (three if you include the X), you can
achieve canceling
magnetic fields, reducing the effective L, and lowering ESR at and above the
frequency. This is what the patented X2Y technology is all about www.X2Y.com

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