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Delphi Object Pascal, Visual Basic and Android free source code, code snippets and complete Amateur Radio oriented applications. Code contributions by WB5KIA and others.

  • ARCS Amateur Radio Control System for the Kenwood TS-2000 (ARCS II)
  • ARCS Amateur Radio Control System for various radios using OmniRig (ARCS III)
  • LogBooks in Delphi or Visual Basic using the 'standard' controls
  • Great Circle Bearing and Distance calculators using a Spherical Earth Model
  • ADIF logbook conversions
  • Callsign prefix to DX entity converters (source code and DLLs)
  • General Exam study guide and multiple choice test generator (no Internet required).
  • Utilities for ham calculations and programming assistants
  • AGWPE Interfaces
  • Code Snippets
  • Links
  • Applications
    Amateur Radio Language Translation Tool
    KIA Bearing/Distance --- Grid square to Grid square or latitude to longitude calculations of distances between stations.
  • ARCS II 1.0 and ARCS II 2.0, ARCS PSK and ARCS FSK
  • ARCS III 1.0
  • Other neat ham radio stuff
    ARCS III (version 1.08) for Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, etc. is available now... it is a logging program for most radios (including those that do not allow CAT control) with LOTS of accessories and PC radio control for basic functions. ARCS III Page
    TalkingLogBook by WB5KIA

    TalkingLogBook is a basic logging program with simple transceiver control for most modern PC controllable radios (radio's that can provide frequency and mode information to the program, some examples are: TS-2000, TS-570, IC-706, IC-746, Yaesus etc.). It is designed primarily for the visually impaired. An early version of TLB was featured in an article in the May/June 2006 issue of QEX magazine

    TLB uses Microsoft's artificial speech to announce frequency, mode, time, and logbook information. It uses large, sizable fonts. It works in automatic mode with many Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu and other radios. Use it with ANY radio in manual mode. License is free. Vista/Win7 users do not need to download the Microsoft SAPI 5.1 files, ver. 5.3 is included in Vista.

    Latest Version 1.04 of TLB Xp/Vista includes ability to command the logbook and radio with voice commands. Enhanced keyboard short-cuts and drop down menus are in the most recent version available at

    Command and Control:
    Talk to Your Radio and Maybe it Will Talk Back to You
    : The QST and QEX files are posted .. links to the right in blue field (binary files). --note, the ARRL apparently discontinued the QST binary files sometime in 2010.

    Amateur Radio Language Translation Tool by KD5HTB

    ARLT is a very simple tool to help radio amateurs complete radio contacts in languages other than their native language as described in the November 2004 issue of CQ magazine. Translate foreign language text to English (or vice-versa). This is a simple Windows program. It reasonably translates the content of many Amateur Radio QSOs if you have digital copy. It can be used as a memory aid with voice communications or you can cut and paste transcripts from a RTTY, PSK or morse code terminal program to ARLT's yellow translation text box for a 'translation'. You don't have to worry about the pronunciation with digital communications! The program doesn't perform miracles though it understands quite a few radio "technical" terms in several languages. Have some fun with it. It's free!

    Amateur Radio Language Translator is programmed in Visual Basic 5. It runs without problems on Windows 95 and Windows XP and probably will run just fine on other flavours of Windows (not Windows 3.1). The program is on the Amateur Radio Language Translator page download.

    LINUX -the alternative Operating System...A few of the examples from the Spring 2003 QST series were ported to LINUX. Linux executables for a few projects are available on the Kylix Project page.

    Delphi Beginners
    Are you a beginning Delphi programmer? Try these: A GREAT general coding web site is is WONDERFUL for beginners. It contains lots of non-Amateur Radio projects that can be modified for use with your radio projects. These work great with Turbo Delphi Explorer, unfortunately what was previously a free product is no longer available although Embarcadero now markets a starter compiler called Delphi XE8 Starter Edition.

    ARCS II ver. 2.09 for Xp, Vista & Win7/8

    ARCS for the TS-2000 is a CAT control system for the Kenwood TS-2000. The free rig control program controls most functions of the radio and provides features Kenwood forgot to include. It has an internal logging program, a TNC control program for the built-in TNC, access to online DXClusters, satellite memory controls, PSK, FSK, CW Keyer, Voice Keyer, import of CSV frequency and TravelPlus files, access to specialized GoogleMaps highlighting DX locations and more.

    Speech announcements require Windows98 or higher.

    Free ARCS II Version 2.09 (11.0 Mb install file) STABLE VERSION for Xp, Vista, Win7 & Win8.

    ARCS PSK version 1.04b is included.

    An experimental module provides FSK and is available as a separate download- regard the version 0.91 module as a beta.

    Registered users can use USER Equalizer adjustment and write CSV files to the radio's internal memory and more.

    Turbo Delphi Explorer: Embarcadaro no longer provides the FREE Delphi Windows compiler. The incredible download was available from Borland/CodeGear at

    or (the second URL might be more convenient for most).

    Previous users still can use it. Start by compiling the source code in this site's Delphi Code section. Change the code to your heart's content. The Sept/Oct 2007 QEX magazine describes how (pg 44-47).

    An alternative to this free tool may be an opensource Delphi-like compiler called Lazarus. Lazarus can do most of what Turbo Delphi can do, the problem is the software is not totally stable. A commercial version of Delphi called Delphi XE2 Starter Edition is intended as an "entry level" compiler is available for under 200$; unfortunately not cheap. However, you may qualify for a 149$ rate per: Upgrade/competitive upgrade pricing is available to users of any other free or paid IDE or developer tool product (from the Embarcadero web page).

    Grid Square Program Version 1.03
    Calculator derives distance and bearing from latitude and longitude information for two stations or from their respective Maidenhead grid squares. Includes "ROVER" and "Stations" spreadsheets.

    Download the free program KIA Bearing/Distance here. (373 kb zipped).

     Android Amateur Radio and other apps are here App Inventor for Fun
    Topographic Maps Page: Q&A regarding the April 2006 issue of QST
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