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Below is a calculation for 144mhz EME that you might find interesting.
Note that the antenna gain is based on dbi not dbd. DBI is about + 2.8db
more than the standard antenna ratings (which are normally in dbd). Also note
that it is based on a CW signal, with receive bandwidth of 100 hz. You can
download Z-Track software from the link on my web site in EME section. In
Z-Track F10 will take you to the utilities section which has the below SNR
calculator. Note also that loss due to faraday rotation is not taken into account.

Thought in case you did not know that this kind of info is available. You can put
in any parameters you like in the SNR calculator. Might give you an idea about
EME in reguards to WSJT/JT44 and help us figure out how the new
WSJT/JT44 is working. Also what it might take to work EME via this mode.

You can get Z-track  here.

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