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A Typical JT44 Exchange Using Standard JT44 Format.

Start (Below)
you send bc+grid 
you recv bc+grid = you send bc+grid+rrr                                                      

you recv bc+grid+rrr = you send rrrrr###

Note - at this point you should clear your message averaging

other station recv rrrrrrr### = send 73 back to you (send of 73 is optional)

Contact is considered vaild when either stations
receives rrrrr###. At that point both stations
should have received BC+Grid+RRR.

*Note - To simplify things: what you do is when you get all the
information in a text box, you send the next text box below that
till you get to the point that "ONE"station has received the
information in text box #3 (rrrrr###). If possible then they should
send back 
73 to let the other station know all the information has
been received for a complete contact.