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Name: Joe H. Berry Msgt/USAF Ret.

E-Mail Address: Joe H. Berry

Comments: A member of the 460th TRW Avionics Sq. May 1967 to June 1969. I don't remember the barracks number but I was in the second row second from the road in the 1200 area. WE always wondered who it was that raided the conax and shot up the cemetery. I spent many an hour doing testing of the EGT system in the hanger next to us. now I know who to blame,only kidding. Did spend some time in the Tactical electronic Squadron.Loved them goonies.

Bradenton, Fl. U.S.A. - Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Name: David E. Koopman

E-Mail Address: David E. Koopman

Comments: Happy New Year 2015!

Maplewood, MN U.S.A. - Thursday, January 1, 2015

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