Hi, My name is DEAN, I'm from a little town called Qcheyedan,Ia,
the highest point in IA. In the NW corner.
I been a ham for 23 years. I was off the air for 10 years.
I been on the the air 6 years now, just in the winter time.
I hope to be on the air more and in the summer too.
I like CW . I do some SSB too.

My first rig was Kenwood TS 520. All I do now is for rec.
May be some day I'll put it on RTTY. Now, I'm QRPping, its fun
and its hard to get out at times but its fun trying.
I been QRPing for about all of may ham years. I got going back in
1978, with a Argonaut 509. Had it for about 2 years. Then got a
a Argonaut 515. I run 2 watts with it, on CW and SSB.

Someday I hope to get all my w.a.s work and DXCC. Its fun 
trying it with 2 watts.

The ants I have: Home made inverted vee for 40 meter, up at 45 FT.
Caroling Windom 80, 80-10 meter, up at 30 FT. Mosley Classic 36
 Beam, for 10-15-20 meter, up at 55 FT.

73's for now