Kathy's Garden

This is part of a flower garden surrounding one of our vegetable gardens. Sit down on the bench and enjoy the lilies and other flowers and spruce trees. The flowers below are in the same garden but a different side of it. We have a rather large yard, and are always expanding and "improving" the plantings. These pictures are from the flower gardens surrounding our larger vegetable garden. The flowers are in a u-shaped bed about 15 feet wide on three sides of the rectangular vegetable garden, separated by a stone walkway. The stone bench in the picture is on the north side of the garden.

The fourth side of the gardens is ascending a hillside, so the garden there is in a raised bed, and contains blueberries, an herb garden, and some other flowers. We are gradually surrounding the outside of these gardens with an evergreen hedge, to be about 4 feet high, both for background and for winter protection and interest. Last summer we added some fruit trees, and we are anxious to see if they have survived the current winter.

We also have a lot of shrub roses, quite a few other hybrid roses, and many other kinds of perennial flowers in other areas of the yard. We live out in the country, and have been having a lot of trouble with deer damage, gophers and other kinds of "critters". I have been trying various remedies and preventions for these, some of which work, some of which don't. We have put a fence around the outside of the evergreen hedge, and this year we shall have to expand the fencing to protect the fruit trees. Last fall we dug up an area in the lawn for a new garden site, transplanted a lot of perennials, and generally prepared for the coming spring.


As we were transplanting plants and floweres, we were putting in plant labels to mark the location and type. After a while I turned around to check something, and discovered that our helpful Bouv had carefully pulled out all the labels, and tidily piled them in one corner of the new garden. Now I don't know where what was planted!