Welcome to our Club's Home Page

The South Milwaukee Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL general-purpose affiliated club
with Hams from all interest groups. We have both licensed and unlicensed members.
New members are always welcome, existing 'ham' or not.

South Milwaukee is a southern suburb of Milwaukee, WI. as you would have surmised.
Our club meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month. See Schedule at left for
current meeting dates.

Our club sponsors 2 Auctions and 1 Swapfest each year held at the same site as our meetings.
The Auctions are in March and in October on the standard meeting date. The Swapfest
is held on the Saturday after the 4th of July; starting at 6:00AM; (or the following Saturday
if that Friday is the 4th.) The money made from these events goes towards the sponsorship
of Scholarships in the Electronic Field for any ham in the 9th call district and donations to
community orginizations. To learn more see the Scholar menu item at the left.

Many of the wives in our club have formed into a women's auxiliary. These very helpful ladies
help with the annual swapfest.

As of 2012 we have a crossed relationship with the Miller Valley ARC. If you are a member of either
club - you are a member of both - unless you do not wish to be part of the other.

We have a on again off again informal chat frequency of 146.52 simplex. Working 4 of our club
members qualifies you for a club certificate! Try most Wednesday's around 6:45-7:15PM local!

73's - Enjoy your visit!

Revised - September 2016