Wiring the PK-232MBX to the Yaesu FT-1000MP or FT-990

About hits this millenium.

To begin with, I wish Yaesu had labeled the connectors on the back AFSK and FSK instead of PACKET and RTTY (respectively)!

PK-232: The FSK signal (NORMAL or REVERSED) comes from the J7 round
connector on the back of the 232, but the PTT and audio lines OUT of the
PK-232 come from the J4 or J6 flat connectors (Radio 1 or Radio 2). If
you decide to set up for FSK, you will need wires coming from J7 (FSK-N
or FSK-R) and from J4 or J6 (received audio) all going to the MP's RTTY

If you decide on AFSK (easier if you're just starting), you will just
have ONE cable - all wires going from the J4 or J6 connector to the MP's
PACKET connector.

Here's the wiring for the original cable supplied with the PK-232 to
operate AFSK using the PACKET connector:
J4 or J6 connectors on PK-232:

PIN #1 (green wire) is RX Audio - should go to PIN #4 PACKET DIN (data

PIN #2 (white wire) is Tx audio - should go to PIN #1 PACKET DIN (data

PIN #3 (black wire) is squelch - (not used)

PIN #4 ( brown wire) is ground - should go to PIN #2 PACKET DIN

PIN #5 (red wire) is PTT - should go to PIN # 3 PACKET DIN

As viewed from the rear panel of the rig, the pin numbers from left to right are


Direct FSK operation on RTTY:

PK-232 J7 (DIN) connector:

Pin #1 = FSK-N(ormal)
Pin #4 = FSK-R(eversed) ** Use this one with the FT-1000MP or FT-990!
Pin #2 = Ground
Pin #5 = Mark input to scope (optional)
Pin #3 = Space input to scope (optional)

RTTY connector on back of FT-1000MP or FT-990:

Pin #1 = SHIFT (from PIN #4 of PK-232 DIN)
Pin #2 = Rx AF OUT (to PIN #1 of PK-232 J4 or J6 connector (green wire)
Pin #3 = PTT (from PIN #5 of PK-232 J4 or J6 connector (red wire)
Pin #4 = GROUND (from PIN #2 of PK-232 J7 (DIN) connector

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