Re-bobbing the Beastly Bobber.

Re-working my 2005 Spec-Con Reproduction PanHead

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Here are the first photos.
I have just gotten the bike home and
started taking inventory of what I bought.
  Just got the Beast home
Checking out the right side of the bike.
Found I can't kick it. At 88-C.I. and 10:1 compression
I am going to need help.
  Checking the right side
Had to take a good look at the BDL 1 1/2" Belt Drive.
The Tranny is sitting at an angle to the Motor.
Will have to fix this, but the primary has to come off anyway.
Going to need Electric Start.
  BDL 1 1/2 Belt Drive
Here I am checking out BDL's Quiet Clutch and how to
remove it. It is well made and easy too work with.
  Quiet Clutch--BDL
Got the belt and clutch off. Found some problems with
the orig. build though. The Bolts holding the Kickstand,
broke right off when I tried to loosen them and the ones
holding the levers were almost stripped out. Good thing I
know a bit about chasing threads.
  Tearing down the primary
Taking off the Forward Controls to rechase the threads
I found that the shifter rod is bent up a good bit too.
  Shifter rod
Another look at the bends in the shifter rod.
Going to take it to a friend that will help straighten it.
  shifter rod
Looks like the Clutch basket will need chasing too.
I guess the guy who built this bike has never heard of torque
of torque spec.s and torque wrenches. Note the ring look around
every other hole. This is where the bolts were over
tightened to the point of actually extruding the metal.
  Clutch Basket
Well at least the pressure plate and discs look ok.
BDL has a nice set-up here. None of the springy
problems I have heard about with stock clutch set-ups.
  Clutch plates
Well found another issue, the motor pully is really loose
on the shaft. The spacers are not set right and the
pulley wasn't loctited so the splines on the pulley are
badly worn will need to replace the pulley.
  Motor pulley
Well got the tranny out and it seems ok. The mounting
plate and frame mounts are going to need reworking,
The tranny won't go forward enough.
  Tranny out
Well got the tranny out and it seems ok. I am a little
concerned that the shaft might be bent but it seems ok.
If it gives trouble later I can always rebuild the tranny.
  Tranny out
Made a mess out of marking up the tranny mount to get
it reworked, but it will clean up ok. Going to use button
head bolts to allow the tranny to set over them slightly.
  Tranny plate
Well I got a used 1974 Shovel head primary (alternator type)
from a guy in Phoenix. Paid too much and it will need some Work.
Better wait for another day to work to that.
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