Who is WA7MLD?

Marvin L. Dixon
Horizon Air, Captain (ret)

Marv, WA7MLD, has been an active pilot for more than 40 years. He has been both a ground and flight instructor since 1972. His commercial airline experience started in 1976 with Swift Aire in California. Continued in Florida and the Caribean with National Commuter. Then returning to California with ConnectAir before coming to Horizon Air in December 1984. Since then he has flown the Northwest, Canada and the Trans-Atlantic. Captain Dixon is now retired from Horizon Airlines.

During his spare hours he is busy earning a new Degree in Information Technology to start a new part time career.

While computers and video technology are high interest hobbies, he also enjoys mixing these interests with his other hobbies including amateur radio. Marv is an active "Ham" promoting the use of computers in amateur radio. In particluar he "promotes" the use of soundcard interfaces to operate in PSK and SSTV modes.

In addition, Marv is an active railroader operating large scale "live steam" locomotives. Other hobbies have included blackpowder firearms, early western Americana, hunting, woodworking and sailing.

Marv's Photo
Photo Train Mountain 2004
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