December 1996
An ARRL Special Services Club RACESARES
P.O. Box 1442Ridgecrest California93556-1442

BoardPresidentMark BallKE6IFD375-3077
First Vice PresidentDavid StoneKC6UUR371-1730
OfSecond Vice PresidentMike CashKN6IS375-4441
SecretaryLloyd BrubakerWA6KZV375-7245
OfficersTreasurerMark RosenthalN6BVP375-2521

Randsburg WA6YBN 145.34 Mhz (- 600 kHz), PL 100.0 Hz, Wide Area Coverage, Emerg. Pwr.
Ridgecrest WA6YBN 146.64 MHz (- 600 kHz), Translator, No Squelch Tail, Emergency Power
Ridgecrest WA6YBN 147.00 Mhz (+ 600 kHz), PL 107.2 Hz, Autopatch (9+phno, * Dn) Emrg. Pwr.
Ridgecrest YBNBBS:WA6YBN, 145.050 MHz, bulletin board, 1200 baud
Ridgecrest YBNSW:WA6YBN-4, 223.580 MHz, bulletin board, 1200 baud



Dec 9 Membership Meeting
Back to Second Monday, Kerr-McGee Center, 1930 hrs Vote: Election of 1997 officers Vote: Constitution amendments

Jan 13 Officer Installation Banquet
Farris' Fine Dining at the Heritage Inn Social hour at 1800 hrs Dinner at 1830 hrs Buffet style for $12.50 per person Call Lloyd at 375-7245 for reservations

Feb Date TBA Membership Meeting
Second Monday OR Wednesday Depending on vote at December meeting

Mondays SARC Emergency Net
Every Monday except meeting nights 1930 hrs, 146.64 MHz (-600 kHz) WA6YBN translator


Dec 8 Over the Hill Track Club 60 K Run
A coordinator for this event is needed. Call Lloyd WA6KZV at 375-7245 to volunteer as coordinator and communications crew.

Jan 25 Twenty Mule Team 50 Mile
Horse ride, 12 hour. Call Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV 375-7245 to volunteer as a radio communicator.

Jan 97 Introduction to AmateurRadio
Cerro Coso Community College will offer this course leading to Novice and Technician licenses in the spring semester of the 96-97 school year. The electronic lab will have a operating HF, VHF data and voice station. CCCC Course number is ET 69ar and Chuck Lewis is the instructor. See article.

Feb Date TBA Amateur License Cram Class
Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV will conduct an Amateur Radio License Cram Class at the Red Cross Offlce. Call Lloyd, 375-7245, for more information. See article.

Mar 1 Volunteer License Exam Session
Kerr-McGee Center 0900-1200 hrs

Jun 21 Volunteer License Exam Session
Kerr-McGee Center 0900-1200 hrs

Oct 31, Nov 1 & 2 Amateur License Cram Class
Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV will conduct an Amateur Radio License Cram Class at the Red Cross Office. Call Lloyd at 375-7245 for more information.

Nov 8 Volunteer License Exam Session
Kerr-McGeeCenter 0900-1200hrs



Dave Shipley KE6RRT, hearing that the SARC money coffer is suffering from dwindling content of coin, struck out into the wilds of Ridgecrest to find SARC a less expensive place to meet. His search ended at the Heritage Inn which has offered SARC second Wednesday evening use of their Flight Deck room for NO RENT. As a kicker, first Wednesday evening use of a smaller room for Board of Officer meetings is also induded. Great work Dave. And Dave isn't even a SARC member yet!

The Board of Officers has agreed to accept this offer subject to a vote by the members at the December meeting.


Members attending the December will vote on amendment the SARC constitution. To avail ourselves of the Heritage Inn's offer of a rent free meeting room, and save $300 per year) the constitution must be amended to remove the current "second Monday" as meeting day. The Board of Officers has also proposed two other amendments. One is to make a meeting place change a decision of the Board of Officers and the other clarifies two types memberships.

ARTICLE IX reads in part: This Constitution or the Bylaws may be amended by a two thirds vote of a Quorum of the members at a regular meeting. Proposals for amendment shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and shall be voted on at the next following regular meeting provided all members have been notified by mail of the intent to amend the Constitution and/or Bylaws at said regular meeting.

The proposed amendments are below. Strike throughs are portions to be removed. Italics are additions.

BYLAW 2 Regular, monthly meetings of the membership shall be held on the second Monday of each month a specific day of the month at such place as the President Board of Officers shall order. The location shall be published regularly in the club newsletter. Special meetings may be called by the President upon the written request of any five Club members. Notices shall be sent to members concerning special meetings and the business to be transacted. Only such business as designated in the special meeting notice shall be transacted at said special meeting. Special meeting notices shall be delivered to arrive not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the special meeting's time.

BYLAW 3 Dues shall be as determined by a majority of the Board of Officers and shall be payable annually by 31 March. Full time students, and active duty military personnel and immediate family members shall have dues reduced to an amount equal to fifty percent (50%) of regular dues, payable annually by 31 March. A family membership is for parent(s) or guardian(s) and minor dependents at one address with one newsletter sent to one address. Family membership dues shall be one-hundred-and fifty percent (150%) of the regular dues.

Copies of the constitution with these proposed amendments will be available at the December meeting. The amendments, as proposed herein, will be voted on at the December meeting. No changes to the amendments can be made without restarting the three month process.


SARC will elect its 1997 Board of Officers at the December meeting. The slate of 1997 officer candidates is as follows.

Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR

First Vice President
Dave Stone KC6UUR (incumbent)
Larry Merwin KE6YLG
Bill Maxwell KE6IFL

Second Vice President
No candidate

Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV (incumbent)
Bill Burns WA6QYR
Mark Slay KE6SMA

Mark Rosenthal N6BVP (incumbent)
Bill Maxwell KE6IFL
Bob Rogers KD6TU
Larry Merwin KE6YLG


Election of SARC officers for 1997 will be conducted during the December meeting. The Nominating Committee consisting of Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV, Mike Cash KN6IS and Jerry Brooks KK6PA has worked hard and canvassed many members. Ten candidates have volunteered for four of the five offices. There is only one candidate for president and still no candidate for second vice president. Three of these candidates, Lloyd Brubaker, Mark Rosenthal and Dave Stone have all served two or more terms in the past. This means that nominations from the floor will be required to fill the slate of candidates.

Are you ready to serve your amateur radio club as an officer? Volunteer to serve your fellow Hams for one short year by calling a member of the Nominating Committee and filling one of those empty slots on the officer candidate slate.

So you know what is yet needed, here are excerpts from the SARC constitution describingthe of fices needing candidates. Article III, Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, and conduct the same according to the rules adopted. The President shall also enforce due observance of this Constitution and Bylaws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents that are adopted by the Club, and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the offlce of President.

Article III, Section 3. The Second Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President and First Vice-President, and perform those duties assigned by the President. The Second Vice President shall also be Chairperson of the Program Committee.

Bylaw One states in part: Club officers must hold an Amateur license above Novice.

Some "customary duties" of the President include presidingover the monthly Board of Officer9 meeting, guiding the club through projects, committee monitoring and answering questions about the club and amateur radio.

The Second Vice-President's task as Chairperson of the Program Committee is an important one. Meeting programs are those which educate and entertain members and guests at our nine yearly formal meetings.

SARC is a volunteer organization. Hams are volunteers. The privilege of using the precious radio frequency real estate reserved for us is paid for by (excerpting FCC Part 97) "The Amateur Service --- providing a body of trained radio operators --- a voluntary non commercial communications service ---" which is available in time of emergencies. SARC provides many excellent means for training and exercising this "body". Every Ham's obligation can be met in part by supporting his local club - by being an offlcer.

As a member of a volunteer organization, each member must realize that being club officer is a periodic obligation. Assuming this responsibility does not require a perfect set of qualifications but does require a willingness to work, learn, expand and grow. The board is a five person group effort which may call upon expertise of the membership for assistance. Feel free to discuss your periodic obligation as an officer in this volunteer organization with any current officer.

Is SARC meeting your needs? Don't just slink off into the bottom of the sunspot cycle grumbling to yourself. Speak up. Remember, though, that if you see something that needs to be done, you just might be the person to do it. SARC is your club. Take your part in making it work. Be a SARC officer for 1997.


A SARC membership application is enclosed with this issue of THE AIRWAVES. SARC Treasurer Mark Rosenthal is starting a new SARC Membership Roster and data base. You MUST enclose a completed SARC Membership Application with your 1997 dues. Mark threatens to return checks unaccompanied by a Membership Application. Huh? Mark?

Please help Mark get the new database started by renewing your membership early. Members for 1996 will receive THE AIRWAVES thru March 1997 and then will be dropped from the mailing list if a renewal has not been received --- with completed Membership Application. Huh? Mark?

by Mike Cash KN6IS

The Cerro Coso Community College will be offering, for the first time ever, a class on Amateur Radio (ET 69ar, Introduction to Amateur Radio). You can earn college credit (2 units) and your Novice and no-code Technician License. The class will start 16 Jan. 1997 and run every Thursday from 1800 to 2150 hrs and will be completed in May. Fees for the class are $26.00 plus a $15.00 lab fee. The book for the class will be "Now Your Talking and may purchased at the college, Radio Shack or the The Book Shelf for $19.00. The class will have a new, fully operational amateur radio station including H F phone/CW/digital and VHF FM phone/packet. High school students may attend the class with permission of their counselor. The final exam for the class will be the FCC Novice and Technician written tests administered by Sierra Amateur Radio Club's Volunteer Examiners. License fee is $6.25.

Students may also take the Morse code test and any other level of Amateur Radio written test (general, advanced, extra) they are prepared for.

The Amateur Radio class will run concurrently with Fundamentals of Electronics (ET 50). This class will teach the techniques of construction required by the working electronics technician as well as assemblers. Students may sign-up for both classes and earn 4 units. No text is required for ET 50. An additional $26.00 is required for Fundamentals of Electronics if you wish to have college credit.

Please tell your family and friends about this opportunity to get into Amateur Radio. Call Mike Cash, KN6IS, at 375-4441 or Cerro Coso Community College at 384-6357 for more information.


A RACES Cycle 2 Training session was conducted by Lloyd Brubaker at the Red Cross Office on 25 November. Those RACES members participating were. Tom Ingram WA6EPD, Larry Merwin KE6YLG and C. M. Robertson KE6ZSH.
Cycle 3 will be conducted early in 1997. RACES members watch THE AIRWAVES Calendar for the date.

by Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV

Someone, or perhaps a couple of someones, are needed working as a team for the following projects.

1. An assessment is needed of all of the agencies and institutions in the Indian Wells Valley which have communications capabilities used in their daily businesses. This is an updating of data which has been needing work for the past couple of years. It might take a month or two to do depending on how rapidly the team works. Call Lloyd WA6KZV at 375-7245 to sign up for this one.

2. A link needs to be made between the IWV Ham roster available on internet and the data base used by SARC and RACES. It may be just a one day project about twice a year. Call Lloyd WA6KZV at 375-7245 to sign up for this one.


Coordinator Needed
Chris Rios, Over The Hill Track Club's organizer for the annual 50 K Run, has again asked SARC to provide communications for this year's event scheduled for Sunday, 8 December. A SARG coordinator is needed to organize volunteers and communications for this event. Please call Lloyd Brubaker at 375 7245 to participate. Note: If there is no volunteer coordinator, Lloyd will appoint one from the volunteers.

Installation Banquet for 1997
SARC Board of Offlcers

Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV, who is doing all the pavement pounding for this affair, has the following to report. SARC 1997 Officers will be heralded at their installation banquet.

WhereFarris' Fine Dining, Heritage Inn
WhenMonday, 13 January
Social hour1800 hrs
Buffet1630 hrs
CostPer person$12.50
Come help SARC kick off the new year. Tell us about that new YeaComWood that Santa Claus brought to you. Get to know the new Board of Officers and get 1997 off to a HAMateur good start. Farris' Fine Dining prepares a very nice buffet. You will not be disappointed. Call Lloyd at 375-7245 to reserve your places at the banquet table.

HAM License Cram Class Rescheduled

The HAM License Cram Class scheduled for 21,22 & 23 February will be rescheduled. The instructor, Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV, had a schedule conflict develop. He also has no other weekend open in January or February. Something in the evenings will be worked out for the fifteen hours of instruction. Check the January AIRWAVES for more information.

Get THE AIRWAVES by E-Mail or Internet

Do you have an e-mail address? Would you like to get THE AIRWAVES via e-mail and help SARC save $$? Let Mike Cash KN6IS know. Send Mike an e-mail to [email protected]
Please include name and call sign. Mike will collect SARC members' e-mail addresses. If you would like to read THE AIRWAVES on the SARC Web Page connect to or,


Minutes of the Board of Offlcers Meeting
13 November 1996 Attendees: 1st. VP David Stone KC6WR, 2nd. VP Mike Cash KN6IS, Secretary Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV, THE AIRWAVES Editor Elvy Hopkins ND6Q. The slate of 1997 officer candidates was presented. There were no candidates for president or second vice-president. Eight candidate were listed for the remaining three offices. Coordination of the four web pages containing SARC information and SARC authorization of such publication was discussed. Mike Cash KN6IS will investigate. Elvy Hopkins offered to work with the web page authors to furnish The AIRWAVES in usable format.

Minutes of the General Meeting,
by Secretary, Lloyd Brubaker
18 November 1996 The meeting was called to order by the vice president David Stone at 1935 hrs. Thirty-four members and guests were present. The treasurer gave his report and also announced that all 1997 dues must be accompanied with a SARC Membership Application properly filled out. Help was asked for by the Radio Officer. Some short term projects need a hand by a RACES volunteer. (See RACES Help Wanted.) Proposed changes in the constitution were passed out for the members to read. These will be discussed and voted on in the December meeting. Nominees for next year's offlces were called for and the list to date was read. Changing the club meeting to Wednesday night was discussed. This change makes possible the taking of a donated meeting room at Heritage Inn which is available only on Wednesday evenings. It would also be available on that night for board meetings. It was found that the change may affect some of the nominees for office. The CCCC is offering a Ham Radio segment in their basic electronics class in the spring. All non-hams should be encouraged to take the course (and maybe some hams too!) since it gives a good electronics background lacking in the entry level exams for amateur radio licensing. Our thanks to Mike Cash for his efforts in helping to set up this class. A talk was given by Mike Herr on QRP (low power transmitters) and the fun that can be had with it. He correctly pointed out that it isn't the power that is important, but the efficiency of the transmitter, feed line, and antenna that counts.


Repeater Information
To update and complete the repeater listing included with the November AIRWAVES, Mike Cash KN6IS is requesting information on 220 and 450 MHz repeaters workable from the IWV. If you have equipment on these bands and know what repeaters are usable, please contact Mike at 375-4441.


A special February 1997 issue of THE AIRWAVES will be sent to over 400 Hams in the IWV and surrounding areas in an effort to boost membership. Articles that tell what SARC is and does are needed. If you want to write an article or have ideas for an article, please contact the editor of THE AIRWAVES, Elvy Hopkins ND6Q, at 384-3589.


At their 7 November meeting, the local Kiwanis International chapter held a thank you luncheon for volunteers who assisted at their Community Walk-a-Thon on 28 September. Greg Roush WA7IRW, who coordinated amateur radio communications for this event, represented SARC and received a certificate of appreciation.


Monitor the 146.64(-) translator, call Lloyd on the 146.64 translator to let him know you are available, and be ready to leave when needed. An E-Pack should contain your radios/batteries/charger, a water jug, (with at least a 2.5 gal container in the trunk of your car), Paper and pens, a clip board, flashlights, a watch or small clock, clothing & a hat, extra glasses, sun glasses, any meds you take regularly, some basic first aid items and your medical history (in case you get injured), and some non-perishable snacks (like hard candy) Always have extra batteries handy, if you don't need them, someone else sure will! Keep water and a sleeping bag in the trunk of your car.

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