The Airwaves
December 2001
An ARRL Special Services Club -- RACES -- ARES
P.O. Box 1442, Ridgecrest, California 93556-1442




PresidentMike HerrWA6ARA375-5324
First Vice PresidentDavid StoneKC6UUR375-1730
Second Vice PresidentPhelps TerHeunKF6ZVD375-4905
SecretaryTom IngramWB6EPD375-7950
TreasurerRalph FrasierKQ6UU375-1534

SARC Owned and Maintained Repeaters
Randsburg WA6YBN 145.34 MHz (-600 kHz), PL 100.0 Hz, Wide Area Coverage, Emerg. Pwr.
Ridgecrest WA6YBN 146.64 MHz (-600 kHz), Translator, No Squelch Tail, Emergency Power
Ridgecrest YBNBBS:WA6YBN, 145.050 MHz, Bulletin Board, 1200 Baud
Ridgecrest #YBNSW:WA6YBN-4, 223.580 MHz, Node, 1200 Baud
Ridgecrest #YBNSW:WA6YBN-4, 439.025 MHz, Node, 9600 Baud
Ridgecrest WA6YBN 147.00 MHz (+ 600 kHz), PL 107.2 Hz, Autopatch (Phno, # Dn) Emrg. Pwr.
(Off air, being relocated)

Every   SARC Emergency Net
Monday  1930 hrs WA6YBN Ridgecrest translator
Night   146.64 MHz (-600kHz)  and
        Randsburg repeater 145.34 MHz 
        (-600 kHz, PL 100.0 Hz)
        Visitors welcome
Dec 12  Board of Officers Meeting
        Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1900hrs
Dec 12  Membership Meeting
        Second Wednesday Heritage Inn
        Ready Room 1930 hrs
        Program Emergency Drill, RACES, ARES
        By Jerry Brooks KK6PA
Jan 9   Officer Installation Banquet
        Second Wednesday Texas Cattle Company
        Meeting Room 1800 hrs
Feb 13  Board of Officers Meeting
        Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1900hrs
Feb 13  Membership Meeting
        Second Wednesday Heritage Inn
        Ready Room 1930 hrs
        Program TBA
        Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1900hrs
Dec 9   High Desert Ultra 50k/Relay
        Over The Hill Track Club  Call
        Lloyd Brubaker 375-7245
Jan 19  Fire Mountain Fifty
        Fifty mile horse endurance ride
        Call Dave Stone KC6UUR 375-1730
Feb 16  Twenty Mule Team Twenty-four hour
        One hundred mile horse endurance ride
        Call Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV 375-7245
Mar 16  Geo Bun Buster
        Fifty mile horse endurance ride
        Call Hal Hazel KM6JM 371-3208

Dec 15  Monthly Fox Hunt See article
        Heritage Inn parking lot 0900 hrs 
        Contact Mike Herr WA6ARA 375-5324
        E-mail [email protected] 

Feb 9   Volunteer License Exam Session
Second  Kern County Library  Ridgecrest Branch
Sat     131 East Las Flores Ave   Meeting Room
Even    Pre-register by 6 Feb  Walk-in?  Call
Months  All must register at 9 am Code test 11 am
        Contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV 384-3589
        E-mail  [email protected]

2002 Officer Elections at December Meeting

by Mike Herr WA6ARA

The other day while driving the wilds of California I overheard a QSO in which one of the Hams was talking about the "golden years" of Amateur Radio. He was talking about the 30s when Amateur Radio blossomed and something new was around every corner. The second Ham disagreed, saying the "golden years" were the post-war years, the late 40s and 50s. As I listened I had to disagree with both of them. We are now in the real "golden years." Here is why.

Available radio spectrum: In the 30s there were four HF bands. The rest were experimental. Ten meters was called VHF. It was just a little better in the 50s. There were six HF bands, six meters and two meters. Today, nine HF bands, 6, 2, 220, 440 and 1200 MHz bands are worked with off the shelf gear. And, there are a lot of experimental regions.

Modes: 30s AM and CW. 50s AM, CW, RTTY and a little SSB. Today AM, FM, CW, SSB, packet, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV, ATV, satellite and on and on.

Equipment: Much more is available than ever, and cheaper. In the 30s most Hams had to build their own. There was no mobile operation. The 50s saw the start of commercial rigs but still big and bulky. Today small, all band, all mode commercial rigs are readily available and affordable. Every Ham wants, and can afford, several rigs for mobile walking around and at home.

Building: Parts are more available and inexpensive. Sure, I have heard of the big parts stores in the big city but how many had ready access to them? When I started in Amateur Radio thirty-two years ago, I could never find the parts for that QST project. Today, I can jump on the internet and in a few minutes have an order placed and at my door in a couple of days.

I could go on and on. The point I am making is that these are the "golden years" of Amateur Radio. Go out and enjoy them. Enjoy our bands, our modes and our equipment. If you are in a rut, try something new. If you do not like it, then try something else. Amateur Radio has many possibilities and different things to investigate and enjoy.

73 and vy gud DX

Jerry Brooks KK6PA will give a talk on local emergency communications, equipment and the recent hospital drill. When asked to provide a summary, he gave the following.

"The hospital emergency drill was totally different this year. Instead of using VHF and HF we did something entirely different. You will have to come to the meeting to find out. My presentation will also include a description of the local RACES, ARES and City of Ridgecrest emergency communication equipment."

SARC officers for 2002 will be elected at the 12 December meeting. The slate of candidates is:

        President       Mike Herr WA6ARA
        First VP        Phelps TerHeun KF6ZVD
        Second VP       Todd Evans W6TOD
        Treasurer       Pam Evans KC6UUS

The, yet to be elected, SARC Second Vice President for 2002 will need assistance to get the new year started with interesting and educational programs for our general meetings. Mike Herr WA6ARA has outlined a general schedule, but, member participation is needed to keep it rolling.

If you have build a piece of equipment, investigated an electronic phenomenon, used a new communications mode or done anything of interest to the rest of us Hams, let an officer know. We will put you on the schedule.


For the December meeting, members are requested to bring cookies, brownies and seasonal munchables to accompany the hot spiced cider and coffee provided by Paula Gibeault N6OQQ.

For the raffle at the January Board Of Officers initiation banquet, members are asked to bring bagged or boxed Ham and electronic white elephants, goodies etc. If you cannot attend and have donations, contact Elvy Hopkins [email protected] 384-3589 for pick up.


All SARC memberships expire on 31 December. Please use the enclosed Membership Application to renew. Year 2001 members will be given a three month grace period with applications enclosed in the Jan, Feb and Mar issues of the AIRWAVES. If you do not receive an April AIRWAVES, gueswot you did not do? Avoid the rush, sign up now.


The Horsey Things Jan Feb Mar
Just around the calendar's corner and a short throw from the holiday season are three horse ride events that SARC supports with communications expertise. Their names and dates are Fire Mountain Fifty-19 Jan, Twenty Mule Team-16 Feb, Geo Bun Buster-16 Mar. The organizers names and contact information are included in the AIRWAVES Calendar on the front page.

by Elvy Hopkins NØLV

Progress for installing the 147.00 MHz machine in it's planned location has come to a abrupt, grinding halt awaiting legal beagle investigation of SARC insurance and engineering evaluation of our antenna installation. These delays were not expected by the property owner nor SARC.

In the normal assembly, check out and adjustment of the repeater hardware, the General Electric Mastr II power supply has been found to be aging and it's long term survivability is in question. Plans are to order a new Astron power supply which will require some rewiring of the rack's 12 VDC buss.

Original plans were to get the repeater and link to Randsburg installed and operating on line power then, at a later date, install the back-up battery and charger. Mechanical and electrical modifications to the rack for the battery charger would require shutting the repeater off and removing it to a modification site. So, all of this work will be done before final installation.

Now, this brings up more delays since the power supply and smart battery charger will not be ordered until the beagle and engineer approve our installation. We wait.

At the November meeting an additional $800.00 was voted to be added to the "move 147.00 repeater" fund to cover the cost of the power supply, smart battery charger, battery and other smaller hardware.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, connectors and highly shielded, 9913 coax have arrived for building the internal RF jumpers. Repairs for a 2 meter burn-in antenna have arrived. Phelps TerHeun KF6ZVD has donated relays which can be used in the design and construction of the new battery change-over circuitry. Two masts have been planted in my yard for the burn-in antennas.

The Motorola Mitrex 450 MHz link transceiver needs to have a reverse burst board installed. Exact instructions for this task are needed.

The China Lake Mountain Rescue Group has volunteered to do the tower climbing and antenna installation. Ed Tipler WA6KYZ has offered to loan hardware to aid this job.

The final and last hurdle to jump is getting a residential rate phone line in a commercial zoned area. This sleeping dog has not been kicked yet.


Transmitter Hunt Sat 15 Dec
Yes, we are doing T-Hunts. Come join us. T-Hunting is easy and lots of fun. We met at the Heritage Inn parking lot at 9:00 am on the Saturday following the SARC meeting. The next T-Hunt will be 17 November. The frequency is 146.565 MHz. The format is transmitter on for 30 seconds followed by a four minute off time. Usually the hunt lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour. Remember, if you find it first, you get to hide it next time.

For more information, contact Mike Herr WA6ARA at 375-5324 or [email protected].

by Jerry Brooks KK6PA

Ooooh Boy! DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT! Disasters happen everywhere, including those areas where "Ain't nuthin gonna happen here." It was not too long ago that Ridgecrest was being called the "shakiest city in the world." The fact that we are not shaking very much now only means the fault is now building up more stress to give us a much bigger shake. In fact, the Garlock fault to the south of us, which runs east-west, is the third largest fault in California. The Garlock fault has not moved in recorded history. There have been no quakes along this fault since well before 1870s and it probably was a few hundred years before that. The south side of this fault has moved over 40 miles in relation to the north side and the evidence has not eroded away yet. Also, there is evidence of vertical movement along this fault as well as separation. We are in close proximity to three big fault zones, the San Andreas just south of Palmdale, the Sierra Front Fault along the west edge of our valley and the Garlock on the south side

It seems obvious to me that we need to practice and be prepared. Even the largest cities have major communications problems during a disaster. Murphy's law took control even in San Francisco during the Loma Prieta quake. The San Francisco government and public safety communications systems (shared, trunked, and computer controlled) were absolutely useless. The low band radio system in use in the San Francisco police cars barely worked. The UHF system was out or too busy. On top of that, they had no simplex talk-around in case their system did not work. The San Francisco fire department was on a trunked system and was in a similar situation. The cell phone system was either out of service in most areas and so overloaded that they were useless.

Over the years, Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV and many other Hams have donated thousands of hours to setting up disaster systems in the Indian Wells Valley. However, our emergency communications still need a lot of work and training to get everything setup so we can rely on it in a disaster. This is a call to you to be prepared to donate your time to help with RACES and ARES projects. OLD BUSINESS

Minutes, Board of Officers Meeting
by Elvy Hopkins NØLV

BoO Mtg. Those present: President Mike Herr WA6ARA, 2nd VP Phelps TerHeun KF6ZVR, AIRWAVES editor Elvy Hopkins NØLV. Treasurer, Ralph Frasier KQ6UU, will miss the Nov Dec, and Jan. meetings. Elvy and Ralph will work out an audit committee meeting 1-9 Jan. Two more members are needed for the audit committee.

The January 2002 Officer Installation Banquet is planned for Texas Cattle Company as in the past years. Mike will work the reservations and entertainment. Meeting Program for December will be Jerry Brooks KK6PA debriefing the hospital emergency test of Nov 15. Considered the purchase a copy of Quicken software for the treasurer to use in keeping SARC financial records. Last year member James Cotillier WA6IYH will have his badge, a membership application and a December AIRWAVES sent to him in La Cañada.

Elvy reported that the Nov. AIRWAVES cost was $63.27. A copy of the SARC insurance policy was given to Jerry Brooks for further transmission to John Perrige for legal consultation concerning the 147.00 repeater installation. Meeting adjourned at 1935 hrs.

Minutes, Membership Meeting
by Elvy Hopkins NØLV

The meeting was called to order at 1938 hrs by president Mike Herr WA6ARA. Fifty-fifty tickets were put on sale. The sign-in sheet was started around. The 2002 officer slate is: Pres Mike Herr, 1st VP Phelps TerHeun KF6ZVD, 2nd VP Todd Evans W6TOD, Secretary no candidate, Treasurer Pam Evans KC6UUS.

The Members are asked to bring munchable goodies to the December meeting. The January meeting will be the Officer Installation Banquet to be held at Texas Cattle Company. Bring items for door/raffle/drawing prizes. It was voted that SARC contribute $100 to the ARRL Fund for defense of Amateur Radio frequencies.

It was voted to increase the 147.00 MHz repeater fund by $800 to cover the cost of power supply, battery charger, battery and miscellaneous hardware. Bill Burns has JOTA photos for viewing.

Bill Burns WA6QYR presented a program on microwave communications and a GPS based frequency standard. The 50-50 drawing was won by Bob Huckins W6UPI, $8.00. The meting was adjourned at 2057 hrs.

from Mike Herr WA6ARA

As of 5 December 2001
Share account           $5336.89
Draft account             132.93
Total                   $5469.82
Obligated funds 
Relocate 147.00 repeater 1374.86
Balance                 $4094.96

Really cheap. Antenna home brewers bone yard. Miscellaneous booms, aluminum tubing, hardware, etc. Dipole 17 meter, Yagi 2 element 12 meter, Helix 435 MHz. Bob Huckins W6UPI 375-7655 [email protected]

See     ya      in      da      funny   paperz. de NØLV