The Airwaves
November 1999
An ARRL Special Services Club -- RACES -- ARES
P.O. Box 1442, Ridgecrest, California 93556-1442

Every 	SARC Emergency Net
Monday	1930 hrs WA6YBN translator
Night	146.64 MHz (_600 kHz)
	Visitors welcome
Nov 10	Board of Officers Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn  1845 hrs
Nov 10	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn
	Flight Deck Room  1930 hrs
	Program: A video
	Spark Gap Communications
Dec 8	Board of Officers Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn  1845 hrs
Dec 8	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn
	Flight Deck Room  1930 hrs
	Program: TBA
Dec 5	High Desert Ultra 50k/Relay
	Over The Hill Track Club  Call
	Lloyd Brubaker 375-7245  See article
Dec 11	Special Fund Raiser
	ARAB Club 50 mile horse ride
	Call Dave Stone 375-1730  See article
Dec 11	Volunteer License Exam Session
Second	Kern County Library  Ridgecrest Branch
Sat	Meeting Room  131 East Las Flores Ave
Even	All must register at 9 am  Code test 11 am
Months	Walk in OK  Call NØLV 384-3589
Feb 12	Volunteer License Exam Session
Second	Kern County Library  Ridgecrest Branch
Sat	Meeting Room  131 East Las Flores Ave
Even	All must register at 9 am  Code test 11 am
Months	Walk in OK  Call NØLV 384-3589

by Larry Merwin KE6YLG

"Tick, tick, tick, tick. At the tone, twenty-one hours, forty-two minutes, Greenwich Mean Time. Beeeep." I think that words something like those must have been the first thing I ever heard on short-wave radio. The dad of one of my seventh grade buddies had a Zenith Transoceanic. We were tuning around the bands one rainy afternoon in his basement. With only the whip antenna, we probably couldn't hear many distant stations, but the time signal came booming through.

From that day on, I was hooked on short-wave radio. It wasn't music and it wasn't the fifty-thousand watt tower of power WCCO with the usual, boring, Minnesota farm report. It was WWV from Fort Collins, Colorado and all it did was tell the time and announce storm warnings for, of all places, the sun! To me it represented radio and technology and science all rolled into one.

The race to the moon was exciting to watch on TV, but this was technology that I could have in my very own room. Sometime later, after much scrimping and saving and after at least one soldering iron burn in the kitchen table, I had a working Heathkit short-wave radio of my own. I didn't have much of an antenna and I knew little, if anything, about propagation, but I listened to strange sounds and voices from all over the world. And on those long afternoons in the summer when I really couldn't get much more than static there was always old reliable WWV coming in loud and clear reassuring me that the radio I had built was still working.

Last Saturday night it was time to set the clocks back to standard time. Out came the short-wave radio, this time not a vacuum tube Heathkit, but a tiny Sony about the size of a cassette tape. The radio is a lot smaller , I didn't have to wait for the tubes to warm up and instead of tuning around the dial, I punched up "5-0-0-0 ", but the same reassuring "tick, tick, tick" came flooding out of the speaker. "At the tone, four hours, forty-two minutes, Coordinated Universal Time..." It was, as always, the same simple message, but to me it still conveys all of the wonder and magic of the stuff we call radio.


Ray Lingenfelter KF6LEE, our 2nd VP, has a one hour video on Spark Gap Communications. A retired Coast Guard communications officer describes the transmitters, receivers, antennas and control apparatus for land bound and shipboard systems. A model spark gap transmitter is also demonstrated.


High Desert Ultra 50K/Relay Sun 5 Dec
Chris Rios, president of the Over The Hill Track Club, has scheduled this annual event for the first Sunday in December. The run will be south of Cerro Coso Community College. Five Hams are needed from 0700 hrs to about noon to provide safety and administrative communications for race officials. Contact Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV at 375-7245 or on the Monday night net.

Fund Raiser Horse Ride Sat 11 Dec
This fifty mile horse endurance ride, sponsored by the Ridgecrest ARAB club, will start at first light and be conducted in the Coso Junction area. The wind-up round-up will be mid-afternoon and all can be home for dinner. Call Dave Stone KC6UUR at 375-1730 to volunteer.

RACES Y2K Drill Sat 20 Nov
as related by Hal Hazel KM6JM
Hal Hazel will operate a Y2K RACES drill on Saturday 20 November. The emergency scenario for the IWV is no natural gas and electric power brownouts and high voltage surges. Electrical equipment has been damaged or destroyed and without heat or electricity, many people have gone to Red Cross administered shelters.

RACES members should be listening Saturday morning for Hal announce the call out on the SARC 146.64 MHz translator.

The plan is to set up portable packet stations at the Red Cross office on NAWS, the Kerr-McGee Center and in Inyokern Park. A packet repeater will be set up south of town to relay between Inyokern and Ridgecrest.

Six Hams will be required to operate the three packet stations. Three Hams will be needed as referees to dispatch messages and observe the operations.

For further information, call Hal at 371-3208.

by Bill Burns WA6QYR

The SARC constitution states that a three member nominating committee shall present a slate of officer candidates at the November regular meeting. Candidates are running for the offices of President, First Vice President (public relations committee chairman), Second Vice President (program committee chairman), Secretary and Treasurer. Thus far the two person nominating committee (Charles Hawthorne KE6WQR and Bill Burns WA6QYR) have found one volunteer who could hold office for nine months and two who are still thinking about running. A couple members indicated current obligations that prevent their volunteering this year but are working to break the current commitment and would be available next year to volunteer for office. Several felt that they weren't active enough to be a good officer (this can be alleviated by participating).This is the total result of phone calls to the entire SARC membership, at least to those who have a phone and would answer it.

Most of the current officers have been in their offices several years and would like a break. The current treasurer has a new job which will involve long term, out of state training so is in need of being replaced at the December election. Unless there is a change of heart by some club members the club is headed for serious difficulty and may fade from existence. Please reconsider you position and volunteer at the 10 November meeting.

Annual Drought of Candidates

The annual dearth1 of SARC officer candidates has again reared it's empty head. The Nominating Committee, Bill Burns WA6QYR and Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR, have worked hard, canvassed all members and the drought2 continues. None were found. (Also: The constitution specifies a three person committee. Only two could be found.)

All but one member contacted refused. This means that nominations from the floor will be required to fill the slate of candidates. Are you ready to serve your amateur radio club as an officer?

The current board of officers and the club request that you search about in your psyche3 for your hidden measure of altruism4 and adjust your body's response to the current dearth of officer candidates. Volunteer to serve your fellow Hams for one short year by calling the Nominating Committee and filling one of those empty slots on the officer candidate slate.

So you know what is yet needed, here are excerpts from the SARC constitution describing the offices needing candidates.

Article III, Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, and conduct the same according to the rules adopted. The President shall also enforce due observance of this Constitution and By-Laws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents that are adopted by the Club, and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the office of President.

Article III, Section 2. The First Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President, and perform those duties assigned by the President. The First Vice-President shall be the chairperson of the Public Relations Committee.

Article III, Section 3. The Second Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President and First Vice-President, and perform those duties assigned by the President. The Second Vice-President shall also be Chairperson of the Program Committee.

By-Law One states in part "Club officers must hold an Amateur license above Novice".

Some "customary duties" of the President include presiding over the monthly Board Meeting, guiding the club through projects, committee monitoring and answering questions about the club and amateur radio.

The Second Vice-Presidents task as Chairperson of the Program Committee is an important one. Meeting programs are those which educate and entertain members and guests at our nine yearly formal meetings. Don't let this seemingly formidable task frighten you. The 2nd VP gets a lot of help and suggestions from members.

SARC is a volunteer organization. Hams are volunteers. The privilege of using the precious radio frequency real estate reserved for us is paid for by (excerpting FCC Part 97) "The Amateur Service --- providing a body of trained radio operators --- a voluntary non-commercial communications service ---" which is available in time of emergencies. SARC provides many excellent means for training and exercising this "body". Every Ham's obligation can be met in part by supporting his local club - by being an officer.

As a member of a volunteer organization, each member must realize that club officership is a periodic obligation. Assuming this responsibility does not require a perfect set of qualifications but does require a willingness to work, learn, expand and grow. The board is a five person group effort which may call upon expertise of the membership for assistance. Feel free to discus your periodic obligation as an officer in this volunteer organization with any current officer. Their phone numbers are listed on the front page.

Think now. How can SARC solve this annual dearth? Do you have ideas, suggestions? Let the board know. Are we not meeting your needs? Don't just slink off into the bottom of the sunspot cycle grumbling to yourself. Speak up. Remember, though, that if you see something that needs to be done, you just might be the person to do it. SARC is your club. Take your part in making it work. Be a SARC officer for 1999.

I have faith that out there in the Amateur Radio Land of Ridgecrest and Inyokern and Trona and Little Lake and Darwin and Randsburg there are Hams who will volunteer for the open positions on the candidate slate. Holding an office in SARC is so much fun that many officers volunteer for two, three, four, five terms. Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV was secretary from 1979 thru 1997 (the club was formed in 1977). There have been only eight treasurers in eighteen years. Numerous others have served for two years, and I must add, sometimes because of open slots on the candidate slate and a bit of altruism.

Of the current SARC Board of Officers, Larry Merwin KE6YLG has served for three years, Dave Stone KC6UUR for five and Tom Ingram WB6EPD for two. Ralph Frasier KQ6UU has a new employer and his assignments will take him out of state for extended periods.

C'mon y'all. Ribbidup. Volunteer to serve SARC. Get out the candidates. Get out the vote. 'See ya at the December election.

1Dearth: A scarce supply; a lack
2Drought: A prolonged dearth or shortage
3Psyche: The mind functioning as the center of thought, emotion, and behavior and consciously or unconsciously adjusting or mediating the body's responses to the social and physical environment.
4Altruism: Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.


Want to visit another amateur radio club? Victorville? Chuck Pierce WA6QFD will travel to Victorville to give his Six Meter Radio Controled Model program to the Victorville ARC on the evening of Tuesday 9 November. A caravan is being organized to travel with him to the meeting. Ralph Frasier KQ6UU and Elvy Hopkins NØLV plan to accompany Chuck. You are welcome to come along. Contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589 to join the caravan.

by Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV

To all RACES members and prospective members: Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV wants to know what Y2K mornings, days, evenings or whenever you would like to have classes on the basics of RACES operations. Classes are two hours in length and are held in the Red Cross classroom at the Family Service Center on NAWS. A review will be worth while for some, an update valuable for all and the basic training is needed by all. Contact Lloyd WA6KZV at 375-7245 or on the Monday night net.


Tenth Ridgecrest Desert Classic
The Tenth Annual Ridgecrest Desert Classic mountain bicycle race was held on 24 October, a beautiful, cool, calm, sunshine filled day in the Upper Mojave Desert. The day began at 0645 hrs for the communications coordinator Elvy Hopkins NØLV. Claiming three prime parking spaces (two Ham vehicles and one for the China Lake Mountain Rescue Group) close to race operations, absconding with an armload of t-shirts and a handful of race pins, getting last minute updates and questions answered by the race organizer Kem Park are some early morning, barely daylight tasks.

The remainder of the crew arrived for the 0730 briefing, maps, t-shirts and pins. Greg Roush WA7IRW arived early (wel-l-l almost) to set up the SARC portable repeater. The check Point 1/4 crew, Mark Ball KE6IFD and his son David KF6UWM assisted Greg in the set up and then those three manned the very busy CP 1/4.

Mark Slay KE6SMA was sent to CP 2 at the far end of the course which previous years had trouble reaching the portable repeater. Mike Gallagher KF6BCN and Hal Hazel KM6JM went to CP 3 prepared to set up cross-band operations with CP 2 for portable repeater access. However, CP 2 had been moved to a higher location a bit farther to the east which allowed good access without the cross-band assist.

Tim Lyons KF6LCH traveled the course on a motorcycle shepherding the beginning racers on their one loop then was dispatched to the other parts of the course. Tim searched the CP 1/CP 2 leg of the course unsuccessfully for one down/injured racer who eventually got himself to the ambulance at the finish by an unknown route.

Start/Finish/Race Operations were anchored by Elvy Hopkins NØLV and Dave Stone KC6UUR. Close coordination with CLMRG and the Liberty Ambulance crew was maintained throughout the event. Race operations and the NORBA race sanctioning body's representative has several messages to transmit and/or information to retrieve from the course. Race leaders' numbers gathered by the Hams at the checkpoints were given to the announcer who kept the start/finish area posted on race progress.

The race began at 0900 hrs. The first finish was at 1050, averaging fifteen miles per hour, and the last rider arrived at about 1330. There were no emergencies requiring dispatch of an ambulance to the course. They did treat several cases of desert bite at the finish.

A wrap-up with Kem Park and a stop at the PACT (Police And Community Together) refreshment stand for a cheeezburrgurr and soda and all were at home by 1400 hrs.

Kem Park sends a hearty "thank you" to all the Hams who made communications at this work so very well. 'See you next year.

by Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV

I was the only SARC representative at Pacificon in Concord California on 22-24 October. Small wonder considering the distance to be traveled up I-5. The Friday antenna seminar was outstanding. It began with a discussion of fractals as related to antenna design and went from there to show how this was an advantage in reducing the size of antennas without jeopardizing efficiency.

The flea market was on the apron of the Buchanan Airport and began at 0600. The first attendees used flashlights to root through the boxes of goodies. By noon most everything was picked over and hauled off. The vendor's booths did quite well and were well attended. As you might imagine with the nearby huge population of the Bay Area the crowds were considerable.

The technical sessions were typical and good. The high point was the ARRL forum and keynote speaker the first thing on Saturday morning. The new law enforcement specialist for the FCC, Riley Hollingsworth, gave an excellent talk that made you proud to be a Ham. He received a standing ovation at the end. All Hams should plan to attend next year's Pacificon.


Show and Tell Program
The SARC Program Chairman, Ray Lingenfelter KF6LEE, is attempting to put together a Show and Tell program for an early Y2K SARC meeting. If you have a Ham related electronic construction project that you would like to tell about and demonstrate at a meeting, call Ray at 446-5908. Three or four or five of these short talks will make an interesting program and no one will have to assemble a long talk and demonstration.

Amateur Radio License Class
The Cerro Coso Community College class on Amateur Radio (Introduction to Amateur Radio, ET 69ar) has fallen victim to managerial apathy at CCCC. Bill Burns WA6QYR, the proposed instructor, is attempting to re-establish a license class in some form at CCCC or through the Burroughs High School Adult Education curricula. The existing HF and VHF station at CCCC would be a great asset to the class, however if Bill cannot get it going again, an alternate location will be attempted.

If you know of someone who would attend a license class, please contact Bill, 375-8566 or e-mail.

Relocation of 147.00 MHz Repeater
Nothing of substance to report since October. The crew still hopes that Santa will bring a "new" 147.00 machine with autopatch and a new 450 MHz repeater to the Ham scene in Ridgecrest.

New Packet Repeater Site
Jerry Brooks KK6PA and Erich Muschinski KA6AMD are still working out the mechanical details for installing Erich's packet node into its new home on a mountain south of Ridgecrest. Mid November is the target date for first time operation.

SARC Needs ARRL VE Liaison
Bill Maraffio N6PR will be leaving the area in the future. Bill has been the ARRL Volunteer Examiner SARC team liaison for several years. Having a team liaison who stocks materials makes the VE task much easier for local VE's. If you are interested in assuming the duty, call Bill at 446-4165.

SARC Needs Volunteer Examiners
With only seven extra class and two advanced class volunteer examiners in the Ridgecrest area, Bill Maraffio, VE Team Liaison, is having trouble finding the 3-4 VEs to man the six, semi-monthly test sessions. If you would like to assist the amateur radio community by becoming a volunteer examiner, call Bill at 446-4165 or check into the ARRL web site.

SARC Net Needs Control Stations
The Monday evening SARC emergency net needs volunteers to serve as control station on Monday evenings. Term of service is about thirty minutes on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm for a month. Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV, 375-7245, is the SARC Emergency Net manager. Please let him know if you are willing to be net control for a month of Monday evenings.

	from Ralph Frasier KQ6UU
As of 1 November
	Share account	$3,374.31
	Draft account	1,414.04
	Total	$4,788.35
	Obligated funds	
	Relocate 147.00 repeater	1,200.00
	Balance	$3,588.35

Minutes, Board of Officers Meeting
by Secretary Tom Ingram WB6EPD

October 13, 1999. Those present: Pres. Larry Merwin KE6YLG, 1st VP David Stone KC6UUR, 2nd VP Ray Lingenfelter KF6LEE, Secy. Tom Ingram WB6EPD, Treasurer Ralph Frasier KQ6UU and AIRWAVES editor Elvy Hopkins NØLV. The meeting started at 1847 hrs. Dave announced a special horse ride at Coso Junction on 11 December. Ralph announced that he will not be able to run for Treasurer. Larry discussed possible candidates for the other offices. Larry also announced that there was no progress on getting what information is needed by an Official Observer for amateur interference. Larry gave Ray a list of possible programs for future meetings. This was discussed. We may have a video for the December meeting. The January installation banquet was discussed. Ray will check on the Sizzler. Larry addressed the topics for the general meeting. The small attendance at recent VE sessions was mentioned. It is sometimes difficult to get three of four VEs for the sessions. The meeting was adjourned at 1909 hrs.

Minutes, Membership Meeting
by Secretary Tom Ingram WB6EPD

The 13 October meeting was called to order by the President Larry Merwin KE6YLG at 1930 hrs at the Heritage Inn. Fifty-fifty tickets were available. The sign-up sheet was started around. Announcements: Elvy Hopkins NØLV announced the Desert Classic Bike race on 24 Oct. and talked about the Picnic at it Park bike ride held on 26 Sept. Elvy and Jerry Brooks KK6PA attended the Bakersfield HamFest. Dave Stone KC6UUR announced the special horse ride at Coso Junction on 11 December. Four or five Hams are needed. Larry announced the 5 December Over The Hill Track Club run.

Jerry and Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV met with the new Ridgecrest Chief of Police. He is very interested in having Ham participation in emergencies. He has been through at least ten emergencies in the LA area and Hams were invaluable in each emergency. Jerry also showed a large, home built, magnetic, mobile antenna mount. Larry announced that volunteers are needed for SARC officers.

Dave Rosenthal N6TST provided the program. It was on his military tour to Bosnia which included HF radio operation. Jim Leonard WA6TFZ donated a two meter radio for the 50/50 drawing. The Radio was won by Dave Rosenthal's XYL. Jim also reported that he had a 220 repeater available for installation in this area. Eighteen amateurs signed in at the meeting which included one guest, Bob Wagner K6WAG. The meeting adjourned at 2041 hrs.


Yaesu FT51-R VHF/UHF dual band FM, handheld transceiver with FNB-38 battery, soft case, MH-19A2B ear piece and lapel mic, computer cable for programming the FT51-R, Yaesu ADMS-1 programming software, manuals, PTT/volume control for motorcycle handlebar with velcro attachment, ear piece attachment for use in motorcycle helmet, throat mic, custom built holder for attaching FT51-R to motorcycle handle bar, 18" dual band mag mount antenna. All for $499.00 Robert N. Lindeman KE6ZSF 371-9405


Betty Meng KA6CIF has donated the remainder of her husband Roger's KA6CIE ham gear to SARC. For purchase, contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589

Kenwood TM-221A, 2 mtr, mobile FM, xcvr with IC-48B TT hand mic $120. Icom IC-02AT, 2 mtr, hand held, IC-HM9 speaker mic, IC-BP3 & IC-BP8 batteries, BC-35 drop-in battery charger, manuals $125. Astron RS-12A, 12 amp, 12 volt, regulated power supply $ 40. Philmore 3 amp, 12 volt, regulated power supply $15. Pace P5403A HF, SWR/Power Meter $20. Larsen 2 Meter magnetic mount antenna $10. Lafayette SP-25 Headset $10. Archer universal, cigarette lighter power supply, 3-9 V, 300 MA. Ameco Morse Code course on two LP records transferred to cassettes. $


KLM 2M-2N 144-148 MHz, air dielectric, power divider, New In Box, N connectors $75 Elvy Hopkins NØLV 760-384-3589.


RACES needs donations of equipment to place a voice/packet station in the Salvation Army building at 120 East Church St. Jerry Brooks KK6PA is looking for equipment donations for the station.

Equipment required:

  1. Transceiver, 223.58 MHz preferred (two meter OK)
  2. Omni-directional antenna
  3. RG-213 coax and connectors
  4. Terminal node controller (TNC)
  5. PC/DOS based computer (old laptop preferred for 12 VDC operation)
  6. Printer (portable preferred for 12 VDC operation)
  7. Solar panel (for charging battery)
  8. 12 VDC storage battery
Contact Jerry Brooks KK6PA 446-2228


Free standing tower, 50-80 ft., for tri-band beam and rotator. Will haul 200 miles to Ridgecrest CA. Bob Wagner K6WAG 371-1337.


Bill Maraffio N6PR wants two 300-400pF, 500 volt, variable capacitors like the ones used for tuning in old-fashioned, tube, superhet radios. A Hammarlund MC325M will also work. Contact him at 446-4165, or email. WANTED WANTED WANTED
Bob Huckins W6UPI wants type 6267 tubes. Didja ever notice that some SARC Hams have interesting calls?

Pat Hannon  KC6HAY  mule fuel
Ken Edgar  KK7HQ  head quarters
Jim McGlothlin  KF6LED  light emitting diode
Ray Lingenfelter  KF6LEE  not his name
Jerry Brooks  KK6PA  Okie for father
Ralph Frasier  KQ6UU  mule signature
Bob Wagner  K6WAG  nuff sed
Contacting THE AIRWAVES Editor
Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-ELVY or e-mail.

See ya in da funny paperz. de NØLV