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CLUB MEETING - 2nd Monday of each month at Kerr-McGee center at 7:30PM
The Indian wells valley emergency net meets on all other mondays
on 146.640(-) MHz. All amateurs are welcome

Sierra Amateur Radio Club PO Box 1442 Ridgecrest, CA. 93556-1442

PresidentJerry BrooksKK6PA446-2228
1st VPDave StoneKC6UUR375-1730
2nd VPBob PhillipsKA6PLU371-3540
SecretaryLloyd BrubakerWA6KZV375-7245
TreasurerThom SkeerKD6IQJ446-4359
NewsletterJudith RogowN7TTH375-2521
SysopDave StoneKC6UUR

By: Jerry Brooks, KK6PA

As of the November meeting neither a President nor a Second Vice President have been nominated. The resulting discussion of the possibility of disbanding the club has highlighted a potential problem with the money and equipment. According to the constitution, if the club disbands the cash will go to AMSAT and the equipment will go to the Schools. This means that the two repeaters, N6OQQ and WA6YBN, and the WA6YBN BBS will disappear. So that the equipment will stay available to hams in the valley I propose the equipment and the cash be given to the local RACES organization. This should keep the equipment in use and provide a base to keep the equipment maintained and operating.


The following will be proposed at the December 11th meeting:

Change ARTICLE X from: In the event that the Club should be dissolved, the Club officers shall close all bank accounts and turn over all monies contained therein to the RADIO AMATEUR SATELLITE CORPORATION (AMSAT). All equipment shall be given to the SIERRA SANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT to further the training of those interested in Amateur Radio.

Change ARTICLE X to: If the Club is dissolved, the Club officers shall close all bank accounts and turn over all monies contained therein and all assets to the East Kern Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES). If, for some reason this is not possible, all moneys shall be given to the RADIO AMATEUR SATELLITE CORPORATION (AMSAT). All equipment shall be given to the SIERRA SANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT to further the training of those interested in Amateur Radio. This amendment, and several other proposed changes, will be discussed at the December 11th meeting and voted on at the next regular business meeting. (Ed note: That would be the February, 1996 meeting.)


The ARRL has noted that the FCC has approved General Electric to begin marketing an "RF light bulb." They will operate in the band 2.2 to 2.8 MHz. Another company was promoting a 13.56 MHz bulb in 1992 but these bulbs were never marketed. Maybe that's just as well. I suspect we would have heard many complaints about interference with 20 meter operation. At least the GE bulbs will be somewhat away from the ham bands.


If the club gets a president for 1996, a changing of the "guard" will be at John's Pizza, or the Texas Cattle Company, on January 8, 1996, at 1930 hours. Listen in on the Monday night RACES net for a location announcement.
73, Jerry, KK6PA

By: Lloyd, WA6KZV

The meeting was called to order by the president Jerry Brooks at 1931 hrs. in the Kerr-McGee center. Thirty one (31) were in attendance. The following announcements were made: Fire Mountain 50 ride (horse) 27 January, 20 Mule Team Ride (horse) 17 February, Bun Buster -Ride (horse) 16 or 23 March. The following VE sessions were announced for 1996: 16 March, 22 June, and 26 October. One week before each of these VE sessions there will be a week-end "blitz" of practice exams to help students wanting to upgrade or get a new license. The only exception to this is the 22 June date in which the blitz is TWO (2) weeks before the session and will especially cover the GENERAL CLASS materials for the upgrading Novice and Technician class hams. The FIex Friday RACES training classes meet at 610 Blandy, the Red Cross Office from 0800 to 0900 hours. The current cycle has just begun. All RACES members should attend. Our visitors were a couple of glider (sailplane?) pilots, Bertha and High Thomas who presented a program showing the use of ATV in gliders. A very interesting program of another aspect of our varied hobby. Each Sunday at 1600 on 28.205 there is code practice. All of the code-free hams are invited to participate. Nominations were called for to fill the offices of President and} 2nd VP (Programs) The other board positions have nominees but more will be welcomed. The present officers for president and 2nd VP will not run again so the offices need to be filled. It is imperative that members take the responsibilities of their club and not pass it off to someone else You aren't so busy that you can't do either of these jobs!

By: Thom KD6IQJ
There has been no treasurer's report since June

By Lloyd, WA6KZV

Mark, N6BVP, has brought up some good points regarding the portable packet network. Unless we have a sufficient number of TRAINED, packet operators the funds spent on the system will be wasted. Jerry and Jan have put in a lot of work to get the portable units assembled, now it's up to all of us to be trained to use the system. A part of the RACES training will be spent training all members to use packet, and the packet stations will be available for practice and operation. On our next disaster drill we hope to implement our packet network and show off our new skills.

Want to find out what packet is all about? Here's your chance to do it FREE! The first flex Friday in November started the first cycle of training for RACES. We expect about five or six classes per cycle. There will be a break, then the cycle will start again. ALL RACES MEMBERS MUST ATTEND ONE CYCLE AT LEAST. Don't plan on being told what to do when we are called out. We haven't time to train you then!! If you haven't time to take the training' then expect that your tool in a disaster may be a shovel, not a radio.


An informal CW net has started on ten meters. It is at 28.205 MHz at 1600 local on Sundays. I have formed it for those of you who copy code from 5-12 wpm, plus, and want to improve both copy and sending. It is especially for those of you who tend to get real nervous when thinking about trying your hand at getting on the air with CW. So, don't be bashful about joining the CW net. If you are so nervous that we can't understand you, we'll ask you repeat. Since you'll be among people who have the same problems, they'll have a lot of empathy with you. Even though I can copy and send up to 25 wpm, I make a lot of mistakes. I have a MFJ-422B-X with the Bencher Iambic keyer. It seems to have a very short "window" for getting off of the key to avoid over or under run. Do you seem to have the same problem? Or is it just the operator? Check in!!! Jerry, KK6PA


On October 7th and 8th the mining town of Randsburg celebrated its first hundred years. In honor of the festivities there was a parade, exhibits, antique and 50's vintage cars and much to do for everyone. The celebration was a huge success and a gala time was had by all. The gold panning experience was well received and CIaudette kept law and order with her portable jail. Therein lies a story... Saturday, Ken KE6HFI and Lorri KE6LPK of Darwin converged on Red Mountain from different directions due to Lorri being in the Riverside area after having returned from a week in the Sacramento area. They spent the weekend at Dave KE6GCF and Charlotte WD6AU's place and on Sunday morning, Don N7FMI and Wren KD6TJN arrived from Rosamond for the activities with Don's dog Derek. After having a scrumptious pancake breakfast prepared by local citizens at the Community Center in Johannesburg, everyone proceeded to Randsburg for the days activities. The main street in Randsburg, being closed for the celebration, created a slight delay in parking and a great party atmosphere. It was filled with people enjoying the great sights, smells and sounds of horse drawn wagons, antique cars, outdoor cookeries and live music. In the midst of enjoying browsing thru the antique shops and picture taking, Charlotte WD6AW, having volunteered to help sheriff Claudette with the jail, proceeded to deputize Dave KE6GCF and have everyone else arrested and thrown in the hoosgow for being part of the deadeye Derek gang of bank robbers (more likely for telling bad jokes on the radio though). After deputy Dave tracked down all of the known gang members and resigned his deputyship, Charlotte then promptly had him thrown in jail too. After everyone had made bail and was cheerfully continuing their day, Mike KE6NKD and his mom , Val, arrived from Palmdale, whereupon Sheriff John KE6RTX (self appointed I think), up from Gardenia to help Dave and Charlotte remodel their recently purchased home in Red Mountain, had Mike arrested and thrown jail also. Mike (age 15) not wanting to pay the one dollar bail served out the complete sentence (10 minutes) and then continued on his way. The thought, time and planning that went into this event made for a most enjoyable weekend for all and turned out to be a great success.
73's KE6HFI

PS: Great accomplishment Sheriff John. You've now arrested a one eyed dog, a fifteen year old lad, a partially blind man, two women and a deaf old man. It sure is a good thing that you're not an elected official!

By: Jerry Brooks, KK6PA

Don't have room for a 160 meter half wave wire antenna but have a tower or nice tall tree? Try the following from ARRL (I think). The dimensions in parenthesis are what I ended up with and it just happened to tune perfectly on 17 meters. Adjust the length of the ladder section to tune the antenna.

image under construction

Brad Wyatt, K6WR, Director, Pacific Division

With the closing of the military bases, the related MARS stations will likely be closed. There are several groups working to attempt to save the MARS stations involved. Several have written proposals to save the stations but with mixed results. One Federal program which might be a great aid in saving the MARS stations is the "Federal Lands to Parks Program" as described in a brochure "US Government Printing Office 1993-0-359-650" and related information available from the National Park Service, Western Regional Office, Planning, Grants and Environmental Quality Division, 600 Harrison St., Suite 600, San Francisco CA 94107, (415) 744-3972. A preliminary contact has been made with Pete Sly, the manager of this program. There may be other contacts and programs, but this is the only one found so far.


Rory Clark, KD6RKL, of Citrus Heights CA, a suburb of Sacramento, was shot while standing at a bank automatic teller machine. Using his hand-held transceiver, he called for help on the N6ICW repeater, owned and operated by Chris Huber. As a result, he was able to quickly obtain medical assistance. In the words of local authorities, "That contact saved Rory's life." Local hams rushed to his and his family's assistance, and continue to be of support. Among them was Jim Rosima, KD6SSW, who took Clark's family to the hospital after the incident.
Rory is a member of the River City ARC and the North Hills RC in Sacramento. As of mid October, Rory was home and recovering well.
Good luck, Rory, and thanks to all involved!

By: Dave Kammler, KD6RDH

During the period of October 3rd thru November 5th, I managed to work almost 300 QSOs on 10 meters. Regardless of solar activity 10 meters does open for some good DX. This month I managed to contact my 200th 10-10 club member. On the other hand, due to poor HF propagation conditions many of the stations I had QSOs with mentioned that I was their first 6 station! On several occasions I had my first experience as the object of a pileup! On two of these occasions I was tied to one frequency for more than 4 hours. On October 25th 10 meters was open late into the evening. My last QSO was at 10:07pm (local) with W7IOR in Washington state. I even heard a British station calling CQ! 10 meter DX is still alive and if some of the solar cycle experts are correct, then we are already in the next cycle. My rig is a Yeasu which puts 200 watts into an AR-10 vertical antenna that KM6JM helped me install a couple of years ago. Here are some of the more interesting 10 meter log entries:


KE4CTT, GA (mobile)LU7FAZ, Argentina
NO2A, New JerseyV26AS, Antigua
KH6CC, HawaiiV31DX, Belize
WA7HNY, WA(10 mtr Net)CX6BZ, Uruguay
KK5TU, TX (10 mtr Net)XE1HRE, Mexico
N8ZJA, WVP49V, Aruba
N3STC, MDZP5JCY, Paraguay
KD4VKW, TN, K1WQL, CT, and

KK6PA asked me to add information about the 10-10 International Net, Inc., so here it is. The 10-10 Club primarily promotes activity on 10 meters. It has a membership of about 75,000 hams from all the world. Dues are $10.00 per year. With your membership you will receive a 10-10 Number, a nice membership certificate, 10-10 Club stamps and the Award and Certificate Guide. First and foremost is the club newsletter. This should be the example that all clubs use when publishing their own newsletters. It is printed four times a year, it is always on time, usually has around 30-35 pages and contains lots of photographs. The 10-10 Club offers financial scholarships for education to young hams and students. It sponsors 10 meter contests, as well as a full range of awards on certificates for activity on 10 meters. The key to most of these awards is the collecting of 10-10 numbers. Each new member is given their own personal 10-10 number. When on the air, the 10-10 number is passed during a QSO (as well as name, qth, rst.) and after collecting these you may qualify for an award. The first award for most is the 100 Bar Award. After you contact 100 10-10 club members and logged the appropriate information just send it in. You'll receive a very nice certificate suitable for framing. If you're a no-code technician, then give some thought to passing the 5 wpm code test! Make it a winter project. There is so much more going on in ham radio than you can experience with the local repeaters and BBSs.
73, Dave

The nomination committee: Judith, N7TTH, Rlee, W6BST, and Mark KE6SMA, with considerableassistance from Jerry, KK6PA, offer the following slate:
President, Mark Ball, KE6IFD
1ST VP, Dave Stone, KC6UUR
2nd VP, Mike Cash, NN6IS,
Treasurer, Mark Rosenthal, N6BVP
Secretary, Lloyd Brubaker, WA6KZV
Nominations from the floor will be accepted before the final ballot at the December 11th meeting. REMEMBER, IF YOU DON'T SERVE AS AN OFFICER, OR ON A COMMITTEE, YOU LOSE ALL YOUR COMPLAINING, GRIPING, CARPING, AND GROUSING PRIVILEGES!

What started out as a 7 hour trip north by my wife Judy, KC6UTF, and I to listen to Cynthia Wall, KA7ITT talk about "Ham Radio She Wrote" [the amateur radio storybooks published by ARRL] at Pacificon '95 turned into several other things. I figured it would be normal Pacificon with talks about DX, HF, and packet like it had been in '92 and '93. But there was the super swapmeet on Saturday morning followed by lots of "cutting edge tech" talks. On both Saturday and Sunday Steve Bible, N7HPR at ARRL HQ via internet phone and Greg Pool, WH6DT live in front of us at the keyboard with projection computer monitor covered "Amateur Radio and the World Wide Web". "Operating and Designing QRP CW Transmitters" was done by Wayne K7KR who is a super smart circuit designer and poet. You know the QRP crowd are the only ones besides microwavers still building equipment and they do some super neat stuff in little boxes. QRP is also on internet along with the DXers. I guess what caught my attention was the "Future Radio" talk by DeWayne Hendricks, WA8DZP that I just sort of walked into. I suspected it might be a take off of the Dennis Bodson W4PWF ARRL Future Systems Committee Spread Spectrum debate. DeWayne is one of the smart technical guys. DeWayne came at things from a different direction. How do we tell someone what amateur radio is? Some use the story like the communicator on "Star Trek". Talk anywhere- any time. So you have an image. Amateur radio is supposed to be experimenting and developing new things concepts and etc. beyond providing communication in emergencies or at least that is the way the FCC story goes. The 1934 Communications Act that set up the FCC based upon 1800's technology and amateur radio got spectrum by being there in the thick of things. What can we say we have done on the technology end lately. Bought someone else's neat gadget? The guys working internet are on part of technology but not on "radio waves". Dewayne showed a notebook like device by Motorola communicating on 800 Mhz with computers and people to transfer information on an "artists network". Industry is pushing to "Star Trek" along with "National Information Infrastructure" and "emerging technology initiative" and other bureaucratic buzz words. Of course all of this has its place and hopefully will be put in the proper bandplanned spectrum with the gentleman's agreements to limit interference to all users. Hopefully our fugal fellow amateurs will see fit to think of that when connecting that set of spread spectrum chips to a radio. Apparently the FCC is continually being hit with new ideas to promote economy and the buzz words by folks like the current Harris proposal to place an over lapping communications layer to the current 3-30 Mhz with a spread spectrum like mode. Flashcom has been testing something like this for a year. I just hope reason and amateur radio will be alive in the future. Help invent something! Bill

I found Pacificon very enjoyable. The accommodations were excellent, there were several restaurants and eating places within walking distance, and shops nearby also. The swap meet was excellent. One YL decided to sell plastic canvas creations, earrings, etc. As usual the banquet was also excellent. The food was tasty (the dessert was sinful!) and the speaker could have been better but put on a good program. We sat with a couple from Weed. Ham radio is certainly different in that area.
There were three sessions geared toward YL's . The two I attended were excellent. One issue that came out of the YL Forum is that a group of YL's wants to get the YL's called something less demeaning. This is something all YL's will have to think about. Personally I think it is very flattering compared to OM.
I also enjoyed Cynthia Wall talk about how she wrote and researched her books. She certainly did a lot more than sit down and write a story. She is a fascinating speaker and I'm looking forward to reading her next book. This mystery starts out on a cruise ship and winds up in Astoria, Oregon.
There was a great variety of sessions from technical to just plain interesting. I went to a session about ham radio and hang gliding and to a session about what the ARRL people are doing in Washington. I learned a lot at both sessions.
I'd like to urge everyone to attend some of these conferences. It is a great way to learn more about what 's happening in ham radio and to become more enthusiastic about the hobby.

Editor's Note: The following article was written before there was a full slate of nominees. However, more candidates are needed so that there can be a choice.

The Dilemma of The Annual SARC Elections
-- OR --
The Annual Drought of Candidates

Drought: A prolonged dearth or shortage
Dearth: A scarce supply; a lack
Psyche: The mind functioning as the center of thought, emotion, and
behavior and consciously or unconsciously adjusting or mediating the
body's responses to the social and physical environment.
Altruism: Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness.


The headline above could have heralded our Constitution required November publication of the slate of 1996 officer candidates and the December election in last months edition of The Airwaves. Two important things were lacking. The officer candidate slate was not full and there were not enough contributions to The Airwaves to warrant spending $60 to send it out. Hence, no November "Airwaves".

The annual drought of SARC officer candidates has again reared it's empty head. The Nominating Committee has worked hard, canvassed many members and the dearth continues. With the perennial filling of the Secretary spot by WA6KZV, KC6UUR staying for a second year and a past Treasurer, N6BVP, volunteering again, there are only two offices to find candidates for. None were found. All members contacted refused. There still are no names in the President or the Second Vice President slots. This means that nominations from the floor will be required to fill the slate of candidates. Are you ready to serve your amateur radio club as an officer?

The current board of officers and the club request that you search about in your psyche for your hidden measure of altruism and adjust your body's response to the current dearth of officer candidates. Volunteer to serve your fellow HAMs for one short year by calling the Nominating Committee (N7TTH Judith 375-2521) and filling one of those empty slots on the officer candidate slate.

So you know what is yet needed, here are excerpts from the SARC constitution describing the offices needing candidates. Article III, Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, and conduct the same according to the rules adopted. The President shall also enforce due observance of this Constitution and by-laws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents that are adopted by the Club, and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the office of President. Article III, Section 3. The Second vice-president shall assume all duties of the President in the absence of the President and First vice-president, and perform those duties assigned by the President. The Second vice-president shall also be Chairperson of the Program Committee. By-law One states in part "Club officers must hold an Amateur license above Novice".

Some "customary duties" of the President include presiding over the monthly Board Meeting, guiding the club through projects, committee monitoring and answering questions about the club and amateur radio.
(Ed note: As well as a monthly report for The Airwaves)
The Second vice-president's task as Chairperson of the Program Committee is an important one. Meeting programs are those which educate and entertain members and guests at our nine yearly formal meetings. Don't let this seemingly formidable task frighten you. To quote KA6PLU, our current 2nd VP, "I've gotten a lot of help and suggestions from members".

SARC is a volunteer organization. HAMs are volunteers. The privilege of using the precious radio frequency real estate reserved for us is paid for by (excerpting FCC Part 97) "The Amateur Service --- providing a body of trained radio operators --- a voluntary non-commercial communications service ---" which is available in time of emergencies. SARC provides many excellent means for training and exercising this "body". Every HAMs obligation can be met in part by supporting his local club - by being an officer.

As a member of a volunteer organization, each member must realize that club officership is a periodic obligation. Assuming this responsibility does not require a perfect set of qualifications but does require a willingness to work, learn, expand and grow. The board is a five person group effort which may call upon expertise of the membership for assistance. Feel free to discus your periodic obligation as an officer in this volunteer organization with any current officer. Their phone numbers are listed on the front page. I considered "This Might Be Your Last Airwaves" as a page wide banner headline for this article. But, NO!, SARC will not automatically be dissolved if there is not a full slate of officer candidates for the election which must be held at the December meeting. Think now. How can SARC solve this annual dearth? Do you have ideas, suggestions? Let the board know. Are we not meeting your needs? Don't just slink off into the bottom of the sunspot cycle grumbling to yourself. Speak up. Remember, though, that if you see something that needs to be done, you just might be the person to do it. SARC is your club. Take your part in making it work. Be a SARC officer for 1996. I have faith that out there in the Amateur Radio Land of Ridgecrest, Inyokern, Trona, Little Lake, Ballarat, Darwin, and Randsburg there are two HAMs who will volunteer for the two open positions on the candidate slate. Holding an office in SARC is so much fun that many officers volunteer for two, three, four, five terms. WA6KZV has been Secretary since 1979 (the club was formed in 1977). There have been only seven Treasurers in eighteen years. Numerous others have served for two years, and, I must add, sometimes because of open slots on the candidate slate and a bit of altruism. I don't know if I've put enough fire into this, (No, you don't want to see what I put into the fire.) but, C'mon y'all. Ribbidup. Get out the candidates. Get out the vote. 'See ya at the December meeting.
de ND6Q

By: Judith, N7TTH

I am fed up, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel! Being editor of The Airwaves has become a baby sitting job rather than gathering articles, placing them in a proper format, and seeing that they get distributed.
There were two newsletters in the past four months - this is only because there was not enough material to fill four issues. While Lloyd, Jerry, and Elvy have been generous about providing, or arranging for, articles, it should not be necessary for me to telephone members to beg for something to fill up the newsletter. So, gang, instead of complaining about typos or mis-spellings in an article (I only correct glaring errors, I don't re-write unless it is absolutely necessary), or wondering why the "Future Events" section doesn't have your event listed (Sorry, my crystal ball is in the shop!), please - to quote Elvy, "C'mon y'all. Ribbidup. ...See ya at the December meeting." And bring something for the newsletter!
Having said that, Paula, N6VGW, has given me some really neat Word-search puzzles, which will appear in future issues for those of us who enjoy brain teasers.
77, N7TTH

By: Mark, N6BVP

At O-dark-thirty on October 7th, five brave souls showed up at the K-Mart parking lot to provide communications for the DEF Parade. Along with Judith and myself, Greg, WA7IRW, Dave, KC6UUR, and Roger KK4VQ helped set up cross-communication with the Police Department and the parade coordinators. Between patrolling in the golf-carts, assisting with the KLOA broadcast, and blocking cross streets, we managed to catch glimpses of the floats and bands. Thanks to all who assisted.


Livermore Swap Meet - 1st Sunday of each month at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA, 7 AM to Noon, all year. Talk in 147.045 from west, 145.35 from the east. Contact Noel Anklam, KC6QZK, (510) 447-3857 eves.

By: Elvy, ND6Q

This event was great success and so was the communications assistance provided by SARC members. Communications between five check points and the start/finish was maintained flawlessly throughout the day until the last rider was in. Ambulances were sent out twice.
This year a China Lake Mountain Rescue Group (CLMRG) radio was requested from that group for possible coordination of efforts from amateur communications center. It did, indeed, serve well in directing an ambulance to the remote location of an injured rider through a joint effort of amateur radio and CLMRG operators. The point-to-point, simplex operation of the CLMRG was supplemented by the SARC portable repeater and mobile amateur operators.
Another first for SARC this year was a motorcycle mobile. KE6SMA shepherded the beginner class of riders, and the high-powered hot-shots trying to get past them, around their single loop then took up duties wherever else he was needed.
Six of the SARC members listed below set up the most ambitious Amateur Television (ATV) network that we have attempted at this race. A site search for the ATV translator built by KK4VQ and WD6CSV was conducted the Sunday before. They were assisted by KB6CD, KD6LRC, KM6JM and ND6Q. On race day, numerous minor technical difficulties which had to be solved in series, one incidence of operator unfamiliarity with a new piece of equipment and a smoked 100 watt transmitter kept us from making the "reeley goood shew" that we had hoped for. We learned a lot more about ATV - again. We'll do it next year - again.
For these public service efforts, Kem Park, promoter of The Race, has donated $500.00 to SARC. We do these events for fun and emergency preparedness and do not ask for any compensation - we are amateurs. Those $$$ will be used to enhance the SARC emergency communications capabilities. Thank you Kem.
The ATV effort was aided by KB6IGC Todd Evans who loaned a 22 foot long 439 MHz antenna, and W6BST Rlee Peters who loaned a 6oo watt generator. Lowewn's TV provided the large screen TV. KA6OIJ delivered, directed the operation of and returned the SARC tower trailer. As usual, WA7IRW set up and dismantled the SARC portable repeater and, yes, it really does all fit into the back of that Japanese dinky station wagon. ND6Q organized and coordinated the diverse efforts of this event and hauled most of the large and heavy items.
Those stalwart communicators and ATV pioneers who garnered all of the fun this year were: KK4VQ Roger Martinez, WA6ARA Mike Herr, KB6CD Rich Perrine, WD6CSV John Piri, WB6EPD Tom Ingram, KE6LRC Darrell Leach, KA6OIJ Mike Hugo, ND6Q Elvy Hopkins, W6SIY Keith Clark, KM6JM Hal Hazel, KE6SMA Mark Slay, KC6UUR David Stone, N6VGW Paula Herr, KE6WQR Charles Hawthorne.

Thank you all.Elvy, ND6Q




REMEMBER - IN CASE OF IMMINENT OR IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY - Monitor the 146.64/.04 translator, call Lloyd, WA6KZV on the 146.64 to let him know you are available, and be ready to leave when needed. An E-Pack should contain your radios/batteries/charger, a water jug, (with at least a 2.5 gal container in the trunk of your car), Paper and pens, a clip board, flashlights, a watch or small clock, clothing & a hat, extra glasses, sun glasses, any meds you take regularly, some basic first aid items and your medical history (in case you get injured), and some non-perishable snacks (like hard candy Always have extra batteries handy, if you don't need them, someone else sure will! Keep water and a sleeping bag in the trunk of your car.