The Airwaves
October 1998
An ARRL Special Services Club -- RACES -- ARES
P.O. Box 1442, Ridgecrest, California 93556-1442

The Airwaves Calendar

Every SARC Emergency Net
Monday 1930 hrs WA6YBN translator
Night 146.64 MHz (-600 kHz)
 Visitors welcome
Oct 14 Board of Officers Meeting
 New Date New Time New Date New Time
 Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1845 hrs
Oct 14 Membership Meeting
 Second Wednesday Heritage Inn
 Flight Deck Room 1930 hrs
 Program: SARC Portable Repeater
 by Greg Roush WA7IRW
Nov 11 Board of Officers Meeting
 Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1845 hrs
Nov 11 Membership Meeting
 Second Wednesday Heritage Inn
 Flight Deck Room 1930 hrs
 Program: History of Navy Shipboard Communications
 - Telegraph to INMARSAT
 by Gary Hareland KF6LEF

Oct 16 SEMS Part 1 7-9 pm 235 E. Kendall St
 Call Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV 375-7245
Oct 23 SEMS Part 2 7-9 pm 235 E. Kendall St
 Call Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV 375-7245
 See article
Oct 16 Tailgate Swap Meet 9-12 am Flex Friday
 138 N. China Lake Blvd. See article
Oct 17, 18 The 9th Desert Classic Mountain Bike Race
 Call Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589 to volunteer
 See Article
Nov 6-8 Ridgecrest Balloon Festival
 Cross service communications
 Contact Mike Cash KN6IS 375-4441 or
 Jerry Brooks 446-2228 See article

Oct 10 Volunteer License Exam Session
Second Kern County Library Ridgecrest Branch
Sat Meeting Room 131 East Las Flores Ave
Even Registration 0900 hrs Code test 1100 hrs
Months Walk-ins OK Call NØLV 384-3589
Nov 1 Volunteer License Exam Session
 Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Extra 555 Las Flores Ave
Date 2:00 PM This is a Sunday
 Walk-ins OK Call NØLV 384-3589
Dec 12 Volunteer License Exam Session
 Kern County Library Ridgecrest Branch
 Meeting Room 131 East Las Flores Ave
 Registration 0900 hrs Code test 1100 hrs
 Walk-ins OK Call NØLV 384-3589
Tail Gate Swap Meet -- Second Time

by Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR

American Radio Relay League (ARRL), there doesn't seem to be a lot of wishy-washy feelings about it. You either think it does a good job or you think it does a lousy job, not a whole lot in between.

For my part, I think it is the only thing standing between Amateur Radio and no Amateur Radio. All of the frequency spectrum (Amateur Radio frequencies included) is desired by more than one party, many of them with tremendous political clout. Whether you like politics or politicians, it doesn't matter; politicians have the power to shut us down. An individual Ham is like a dust mote in a Sahara sand storm, almost not there. The only thing that counts in our society is money and perceived control of votes. Hams have ARRL. Your dues and purchases provide the money. The politicians think that the ARRL can deliver large numbers of votes.

Yes, it is true that the ARRL is many things: DX, testing, spectrum definitions, literature, etc., but keep in mind that they also monitor rules, regulations and laws appearing in Washington that have a bearing on us, the Hams. Examples:

(1) QST, July 1998, p. 9, "... the patient reader will discover on page 29 that the LMCC (Land Mobile Communications Council) recommends that "Immediate needs be satisfied by a reallocation of 420-430 MHz, paired with 440-450 MHz, from federal use to PMRS (Private Mobile Radio Services)."

(2) QST, Sept. 1998 p. 16, "The FCC's proposals to strengthen the rules prohibiting scanning receivers from receiving cellular transmission (See August 1998 "DC Currents," p. 16) could inadvertently open up a new can of worms." According to the ARRL comments it filed in response to the FCC's Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) (FCC 98-100), said that some amateur radio product lines could become too expensive or even prohibited altogether by the proposals.

(3) QST, Oct. 1998, p. 9, FCC's NPRM "... The FCC initiated this proceeding as part of a top-to-bottom review of its regulations "to determine which regulations can be streamlined or eliminated." Back in February, the proceeding were described this way: "Streamline Amateur Radio Service." See comment on amending Parts 0, 1, and 97 of FCC Rules to privatize further the administration of the Amateur Radio Service and to simplify the licensing process. "The NPRM that was released six months later delivers a lot less than that, and much of what it does deliver in terms of specific proposals is flawed." Without the ARRL watching over the U. S. Congress and the FCC, would you even be aware of these happenings, much less have the clout to tackle them?

Im sure that nothing I have written here will change the minds of die-hards, but maybe some of you will at least think about the fact that your hobby is controlled by politics and that you need somebody or some thing (the ARRL) to watch out for you and protect your backside. It is guaranteed that it will not be Your Government that does it. For my part, I believe Hams should stand up with the ARRL and if you dont like what that organization is doing, stop griping and start working to change it. Join the ARRL and become involved. It is your only voice in the U. S. government.

The SARC Portable Repeater

Greg Roush WA7IRW is the custodian, mother, fixer, updater and master of the SARC portable repeater. He designed and constructed the light weight, portable, easy-up/easy-down antenna system. He keeps it in good RF repair. He knows it well. For those of you who have used this valuable SARC asset at public service events, but never seen it, the October meeting is your chance to see this magic box.


The nomination committee is canvassing the SARC membership for 1999 officer candidates. Call Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR 375-7321, Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV 375-7245 or Bob Philips KA6PLU 371-3540 to discuss volunteering for a 1999 SARC office.

SARC will need three new officers for the 1999 calendar year. The current president, second vice president and treasurer will not seek reelection. Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR has served as president for two years and says "That's enough." His RVing takes him out of state for long periods. First vice president since 1995, Dave Stone KC6UUR, says that he will continue as long as no one else wants the job. Second vice president, Larry Merwin KE6YLG, says that two years of finding programs for the general meetings is enough for him but will serve on the board in any other capacity for 1999. Secretary, Tom Ingram WB6EPD, will continue in that task for a second year. Mark Rosenthal has been treasurer in the past for a few years and this time for two years. He is also secy/treas/news letter editor/etc. for a motorcycle camping club and needs relief.

As a member of a volunteer organization, each member must realize that being a club officer is a periodic obligation. Assuming this responsibility does not require a perfect set of qualifications but does require a willingness to work, learn, expand and grow. The board is a five person group effort which may call upon expertise of the membership for assistance. Feel free to discus your periodic obligation as an officer in this volunteer organization with any current officer. Their phone numbers are listed on the front page.


Desert Classic Bike Race 17-18 Oct

The Ninth Ridgecrest Desert Classic Mountain Bicycle Race will be on Saturday, 17 and Sunday, 18 October. About a dozen Hams are required on Sunday to cover the thirty miles of this race. Contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589.

Ridgecrest Balloon Festival 6-8 Nov

Mike Cash KN6IS and Jerry Brooks KK6PA will need a lot of help coordinating communications across seven RF services using the Ridgecrest PD communications van and the SARC RACES trailer. Contact Cash at 375-4441 or Brooks at 446-2228.


Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV has scheduled Standard Emergency Management System (SEMS) classes for two Fridays in October, the 16th and 23rd. RACES members who have not attended these classes should attend both. Due to the increased security measures at the NAWS gate, Lloyd will conduct these classes at his home at 235 E. Kendal. Call Lloyd at 375-7245 for more information.


Pete and Gloria Longo, owners of the Radio Shack at 138 N. China Lake Blvd., are inviting Hams to a Swap Meet in the parking lot in front of their store from 9-12 noon on flex Friday, 16 October. The coffee pot will be steaming and the latest issue of Tandy's "Tech America" electronic parts catalog will be open for perusal.


Kiwanis Walk-a-Thon 26 September
by Greg Roush WA7IRW

On a cool and breezy Saturday morning, September 26, a hardy group of seven SARC volunteers met at 0730 hours at Kern Regional Park (aka Rocket Park) for their Kiwanis Walk-A-Thon checkpoint assignments. The intrepid hams were Larry Merwin KE6YLG at CP1, Bill Burns WA6QYR at CP2, Judy Burns KC6UTF at CP3, Dave Stone KC6UUR at CP4, Joanne Barbee KF6JJQ at CP5, Hal Hazel KM6JM at CP6 and Greg Roush WA7IRW at the Start/Finish line.

About 860 of our fellow Ridgecrustians walked the 4.5 mile course and were aided by some forty other volunteers who provide water and checkpoint stampings to each route card. Once again, the trusty Kiwanis re-supply driver was provided with a mag-mount antenna and a Ham hand-held radio so he could listen to requests for additional supplies as the checkpoints were besieged. The walk progressed smoothly. Supplies were replenished rapidly. And the last checkpoint was closed around 1009 hours, about 30 minutes earlier than usual. Only one walker required assistance to return to the park.

Some new toys (Woops! Make that valuable emergency radio equipment) were tested. The only radio trouble, other than wind noise in several microphones, was that one of the three cross-band repeaters in use was producing feedback on 146.64 MHz.

Another public service event successfully completed. Thank you, to all volunteers, for participating.

Picnic In The Park 27 September
by Elvy Hopkins NØLV

Ten SARC Hams shepherded fifty-three bicycle riders from Leroy Jackson Park in Ridgecrest to Circle Park in Kernville on Sunday, 27 September. Starting at 0700 hrs, the last bicycle, a tandem, finished the sixty three mile course at 1315 hrs. Riders were logged at seven check points and the finish to make sure no one had gotten lost.

There were three flat tires, no medical emergencies and no broken bikes this year. The weather was cool to the top of Walker pass then rather warm down the west side all the way to Kernville.

Check points, which included two water/food stops, were operated by Mike and Paula Herr WA6ARA & N6VGW, Hal Hazel KM6JM, Dave Rait KG6LR, Dave Stone KC6UUR, Bill and Judy Burns WA6QYR & KC6UTF.

The SARC Portable Repeater was set up and dismantled by Greg Roush WA7IRW who also worked the finish line. Larry Merwin KE6YLG operated a relay station between the portable repeater and Walker Pass. Elvy Hopkins NØLV worked the start line and operated the follow-up/SAG (Not even bike riders know what it means.) van closing down all six check points and was the last one into Circle Park.

A sandwich and some shade in Circle Park was enjoyed by most Ham volunteers. A fine day to practice for the big one was enjoyed by all. A new trick or two showed up and something to not do next year also was learned.

I have local bicycle riders come up to me, throughout the year, and express their thanks to SARC for the safety crew on this ride and I want to pass those comments along to the volunteer communicators.

Thank you to all volunteers. I hope to see you again next year.

Several local Hams are experiencing local telephone pagers getting into their mobile and hand held transceivers. A talk with Ed Tipler WA6KYZ revealed that the three local paging transmitters run very high ERPs to contact pagers buried in purses, glove boxes, brief cases and duffel bags.

Tortoise Paging (Tipler's) on 152.480 MHz and 462.800 MHz runs 3500 Watts Effective Radiated Power (ERP). Desert Comm Center on 152.240 runs 1000 Watts ERP and Contel on 158.100 MHz is also running high ERP.

The problem with hand held and multi-band mobiles is one of too much stuff in too little space which sometimes shows up as insufficient front end rejection and IF filtering. This is why the strong pager signals come rolling through your YaeComWood super sensitive, super teensy, all Ham band, aircraft, commercial with weather (read this w-i-d-e band), maxi-squawk transceiver.

by Jerry Brooks KK6PA

In 1992 it was decided that Ridgecrest RACES needed to expand it's packet capability. Jan Barglowski KC6UTH and Jerry Brooks KK6PA planned the system which is being developed at present. We set about doing cost estimates to see how much money would be required. Lloyd Brubaker set about working with the IWV United Way group who agreed to provide a yearly stipend to finance the system. By purchasing used transceivers and laptops we were able to lower the cost considerably. Unfortunately we had to buy new solar panels.

The system is to consist of four totally self-contained portable (more like lugable) packet (PP) radio systems and two portable nodes. It operates in the 220 MHz band (1-1/4 meters).

A PP consist of: 5-element Yagi antenna, J-pole antenna, guyed antenna stand & coax, 220 MHz xcvr, Tigertronics TNC modem with Baycom software, laptop computer, 12 VDC powered printer, 6 Ah, 12 volt battery, 115V/12VDC power supply, solar panel and controller.

A Node will have: antenna stand, vertical antenna (possibly a collinear), network node type TNC, deep cycle, 12 volt battery

Two RACES PPs are now in operation and are available, on loan, to RACES members for familiarization and training. A third PP is now being assembled as funds and time permit. A fourth PP and the two Nodes are yet to be assembled.

For more information, to volunteer assembly skills, to borrow a RACES PP call Jerry Brooks 446-2228.

New SARC Net Manager

I have accepted a job that involves some evening work. Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV has agreed to be the new SARC Emergency Net manager. Thanks to everyone who has helped me during my time as net manager. Please let Lloyd know if you are willing to be net control on Monday evenings for a month.
Judy Burns KC6UTF

RF Exposure Document Package
Are you working on your station's FCC mandated RF exposure evaluation? Bill Burns WA6QYR has a complete set of the these documents. He will have them copied for you with advance payment of approximately $9.00. Contact Bill at 375-8566 or e-mail [email protected].

The ARRL is now publishing "RF Exposure and You" a book designed to assist the mathematically challenged Ham in producing his evaluation. Theory is presented in plain language. Worksheets, tables and charts assist with the cookbook guided calculations. Order #6621 from the ARRL for $15 and get under way soon. Remember, any action requiring a form 610 requires an accompanying RF exposure evaluation of your station.

from Mark Rosenthal N6BVP

As of 8 October
Share account $2,494.70
Draft account 1,680.56
Total $4,175.26
Obligated funds 
Relocate 147.00 repeater 1,200.00
Balance $2,975.26

Minutes, Board of Officers Meeting by Secretary Tom Ingram WB6EPD

September 9, 1998, 1830 hrs. Those present: President Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR, 1st VP David Stone KC6UUR, 2nd VP Larry Merwin KE6YLG, Treas. Mark Rosenthal N6BVP, Secy. Tom Ingram WB6EPD, AIRWAVES editor Elvy Hopkins NØLV and Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV.

Elvy provided the secretary with a copy of the 1997 audit report. Charlie asked about the possibility of having the secretary resume upkeep of the membership lists. This will be decided between the 1999 treasurer and secretary at a later date. No one has called Charlie to volunteer for the nominating committee. Elvy needs people to sign up for the Picnic-In-The-Park ride so that he can order their T-shirts. The Board agreed to reimburse Mike Hugo KA6OIJ $23.88 for money he spent while processing SARC repeater coordination applications. The secretary was provided a copy of those documents. Larry addressed the need to update the library issue of the General class license manual. The Board authorized Larry to obtain the latest issue for the library. Elvy purchased the Adobe Acrobat version that will produce PDF files and will send trial copies of the newsletter on E-mail next month. Lloyd will look for the club's Special Services Certificates since we have stickers for them. Board meetings have been rescheduled

Minutes, Membership Meeting
by Secretary Tom Ingram WB6EPD

The 9 September meeting was called to order by the president Charlie Hawthorne at 1930 hrs at the Heritage Inn. 50-50 tickets were not available for this meeting. The sign-in sheet was started around. Charlie announced that the minutes for the June general meeting and the treasurer's report were in last newsletter. This were accepted. Charlie announced that the sign-in sheet has several special service activities listed. Elvy Hopkins NØLV provided details about the Picnic-In-The-Park. Greg Roush WA7IRW provided details about the Kiwanis Walk-a-Thon. Mark Rosenthal N6BVP provided details about the Desert Empire Fair Parade. Elvy announced that the portable repeater will be used for the Picnic-In-The-Park and Greg Roush wants a week to modify and tune it. The portable repeater is currently replacing the 146.640 translator so we will be without the 146.640 repeater for a week. Elvy also announced that there appears to be little need for the VE sessions in June and August due to lack of participation (only one applicant this summer.) Charlie announced that a three person nominations committee is needed for the upcoming elections. At present there are candidates for three of the club offices. Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV agreed to be on the nominating committee. Mark Rosenthal N6BVP has SARC patches for sale. Judy burns KC6UTH is stepping down as net manager due to evening employment. Lloyd will assume the net manager duties. Jerry Brooks KK6PA provided the evening's program on the upcoming Balloon Festival on November 6-8. Hams are needed all three days. Contact Jerry or Mike Cash KN6ISS if you can help on any of those days. Jerry also provided some information from an article about 5/8 wave vertical antennas. Michael Semingson KE6KIJ announced that there have been no complaints of interference with FAA radio gear from the 145.34 MHz SARC Randsburg Repeater since it began operation. Nineteen people attended the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 2028 hrs.


(1) Drake L7AM, SerNo 147, HF 1kW, linear power amplifier, 160-10 mtrs (no WARC bands), xlnt cond, with (2) Drake L7PS, SerNo 204, companion power supply, xlnt cond, in/out cables attached, manual, orig invoice, 220 vac plug & receptacle $900
(3) Drake, MN-2700, SerNo 1171, 1 kW, antenna tuner, 160-10 mtrs, xlnt cond, manual, orig invoice, no balun $250.
(5) Drake TV-3300LP low pass filter, HF, 1 kW, New In Box, 80 dB @ 41 MHz, UHF connectors, 52 Ohm, original invoice $40
(13) Yaesu FT-209R, SerNo 5D110886, 2mtr, hand held, transceiver, xlnt cond: MH-12A2B scanning/speaker/mic: FTS-6 tone squelch unit installed: NC-15 quick charge/DC supply (base stand): FNB-4A 12 VDC, 500 mAH battery (unknown condition): CSC-10 soft case: rubber ducky: PA-3 car adapter/trickle charger: MMB-21 mobile hangar bracket: shoulder strap: manual: original box $175
(15) Icom IC-28A, SerNo 09741, 2 mtr, mobile xcvr, FM only, 25 watt, xlnt cond, HM-14 scanning/TT mic, manual, mobil mount & hardware, invoice $225
(19) Metz #139261, 2mtr, mobil, magnetic mount, antenna, xlnt cond, 5/8 wave, invoice $15
(21) KLM 2M-2N 144-148 MHz, air dielectric, pwr divider, New In Box, N connectors $75
(23) Alliance HD-73, SerNo 4807, 2 speed antenna rotator and control box, 11 sq. ft. xlnt cond, mast mount, manual, invoice $150
(24) Alliance HD-73, SerNo 24680X, 2 speed antenna rotator and control box, 11 sq. ft. xlnt cond, mast mount, manual, cy of invoice $150
(28) Micronta 22-119 LCD digital multimeter, xlnt cond, test leads, manual, orig box $10
(29) Monarch FSI-2 field strength meter, good cond, 1.5" x 2" x 3", telescopic antenna $5
(30) Pace P5403A, citizens band, SWR/Watt meter, xlnt cond, 5 Watt dummy load, instructions $5
(31) Belden 8214 50 Ohm coaxial cable (RG-213), good cond, 100 feet, has been stored inside $15

Contacts: Elvy Hopkins NØLV, 760-384-3589, e-mail [email protected], Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV 760-375-7245. Packing and shipping will be paid by buyer. All equipment will be sold AS IS. All equipment has been well cared for, shows no abuse, worked when last used five years ago and has been properly stored. This equipment belongs to an incapacitated Ham. Sale will help finance medical expenses.


Four KLM 440 MHz Yagis (14 elements, 6 ft., boom, rear mount) $30 each: Four KLM 420-470-50N half wave sleeve balun with N connector for above $25 each: Two KLM 400-470-2N power divider with N connectors $50 each: Two Cushcraft A147-11 Yagis with stacking kit (11 elements 12 ft boom) $100 for the pair or $60 each: One Cushcraft 4218XL Yagi for 144-144.5 MHz (18 elements 27 ft boom) $125: One Cushcraft A50-5 Six meter Yagi (5 elements 12 ft boom) $60: One Sears Alternator, gasoline engine driven, 1 KVA, 115VAC, 60 Hz. $150. Contact Bill Maraffio N6PR 446-4165.

Contacting THE AIRWAVES Editor
Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-ELVY or e-mail [email protected].

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