The Airwaves
May 1998
An ARRL Special Services Club -- RACES -- ARES
P.O. Box 1442, Ridgecrest, California 93556-1442


Every 	SARC Emergency Net
Monday	1930 hrs WA6YBN translator
Night	146.64 MHz (-600 kHz)
	Visitors welcome
Sep 9	Board of Officers Meeting
	New Date  New Time  New Date New Time
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn  1830 hrs
Sep 9	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn
	Flight Deck Room  1930 hrs
	Program: Balloon Festival Communications
	by Jerry Brooks KK6PA
Oct 14	Board of Officers Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn  1830 hrs
Oct 14	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn
	Flight Deck Room  1930 hrs
	Program: SARC Portable Repeater
	by Greg Roush WA7IRW
Nov 11	Board of Officers Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn  1830 hrs
Nov 11	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday  Heritage Inn
	Flight Deck Room  1930 hrs
	Program: TBA
Sep 26	Kiwanis Walkathon
	An easy event for first time volunteers
	Meet in Leroy Jackson park  at 7:30 am
	Call Greg Roush WA7IRW at 446-4383 for information
	See Article
Sep 27	Picnic In the Park 
	Ridgecrest to Kernville bicycle ride
	Call Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589
	See article
Oct 3	Desert Empire Fair parade
	Meet in K-Mart parking lot at 7:30 am
	Call Mark Rosenthal N6BVP at 375-2521 to volunteer
	See article
Oct 17, 18  The 9th Desert Classic Mountain Bike Race
	Call Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589 to volunteer
	See Article
Nov 5-7	Ridgecrest Baloon Festival
	Cross service communications
	Contact Mike Cash KN6IS 375-4441 or
	Jerry Brooks 446-2228 
	See article
Oct 10	Volunteer License Exam Session
      	Kern County Library  Ridgecrest Branch
   	Meeting Room  131 East Las Flores Ave
    	Registration 0900 hrs  Code test 1100 hrs 
      	Call NØLV 384-3589

by Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR

Not much here this month. I've been gone all summer and have not a clue as to what has been happening around Ridgecrest or in the field of Amateur Radio. Of course, I hope that the Field Day in June worked out and was fun and successful. I hope that Mike Cash was happy with the results of his and his cohorts work on it. I hope the get together at Ron Ogren's was as much fun this year as it has been in the past (as I'm sure it was).

Different subject. As most of you know, I've been studying Morse code for several years now so that I can get my General "ticket". I've made progress but figure I'll be "dead and gone" before I get to where I can receive 13 words a minute. And then along comes the FCC (and the ARRL) and state that they are thinking of modifying the requirements for licenses and would you believe it, my Technician Plus license would give me just about what the General license has now. Now that's luck. All you Technicians, or at least those who want to talk on HF), might want to study for the five wpm test so you can get on HF with General privileges if this really does change.

If you think I have just rambled this month, you are absolutely correct. I would just skip this except that I do not believe that NØLV will let me get away with not writing anything again. He didn't let me in June, I just "snuck" out. Hopefully I'll have it together again by the time I have to write the October column.


Balloon Festival Communications

The upcoming, 7-8 November, Ridgecrest Balloon Festival, it's communications network and the many facets of same will be Jerry Brooks' KK6PA subject for the 9 September general meeting.

Mike Cash KN6IS and Jerry Brooks KK6PA are working with the Ridgecrest Balloon Festival team in developing a plan to coordinate communications among seven different radio services.

Balloons use civilian aircraft VHF-AM. Military aircraft use UHF-AM. Balloon ground crews and balloons use commercial UHF-FM, GRMS-FM and Citizens Band AM. The Kern county fire and sheriff departments use their separate UHF-FM frequencies.

Plans are to use the Ridgecrest Police Department Multi-Purpose van and the SARC RACES emergency communications trailer as part of the network.

Jerry says that the presentation has two purposes. First is to detail the operational plan. Second is to enlist Ham operators into this communications field support effort. Call Mike Cash at 375-4441 or Jerry Brooks at 446-2228 to volunteer.


President, Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR will appoint a three person Nomination Committee in the very near future. This committee canvasses the membership and presents a slate of officer candidates at the November general meting. If you would like to serve SARC in this manner, call Charlie at 375-7321 or volunteer at the September meeting.


SARC will need three new officers for the 1999 calendar year. The current president, second vice president and treasurer will not seek reelection. Charlie Hawthorne KE6WQR has served as president for two years and says "That's enough." His RVing takes him out of state for long periods. First vice president since 1995, Dave Stone KC6UUR, says that he will continue as long as no one else wants the job. Second vice president, Larry Merwin KE6YLG, says that one year of finding programs for the general meetings is enough for him but will serve on the board in any other capacity for 1999. Secretary, Tom Ingram WB6EPD, will continue in that task for a second year. Mark Rosenthal has been treasurer in the past for a few years and this time for two years. He is also secy/treas/news letter editor/etc. For a motorcycle camping club and needs relief.

As a member of a volunteer organization, each member must realize that being a club officer is a periodic obligation. Assuming this responsibility does not require a perfect set of qualifications but does require a willingness to work, learn, expand and grow. The board is a five person group effort which may call upon expertise of the membership for assistance. Feel free to discus your periodic obligation as an officer in this volunteer organization with any current officer. Their phone numbers are listed on the front page.

Kiwanis Walkathon 26 Sept

An enjoyable half day of logging walkers, directing pickups of worn out participants and finding spare cups and water will be the tasks for this event. Saturday, 26 September is the day. Show up place and time are Leroy Jackson Park at 7:30 am. The Ôthon starts at 8:00 am and is usually completed by 11:00. This is an easy and short public service event on which to get your first experience. Six Hams are needed to cover the start/finish/water stops. Contact Greg Roush WA7IRW at 446-4383. Greg says that an all morning stint is not required. If you can help for only an hour or two, he can still use you.

Picnic At The Park 27 Sept

This sixty mile bicycle ride from Leroy Jackson park in Ridgecrest to River Park in Kernville on Sunday, 27 September is sponsored by the High Sierra Cyclists of Ridgecrest. Eight Hams are needed to provide communications at the start, finish and six water stops. Contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589 or [email protected].

Desert Empire Fair Parade 3 Oct

This half-day event keeps track of parade entries and provides end-to-end communications for it's director. Meet in the K-Mart parking lot at 7:30 am ready for assignment of duties and location. Mark Rosenthal N6BVP and Judith Rogow N7TTH organize communications for this event. Contact them at 375-2521.

Desert Classic Bike Race 17-18 Oct

The Ninth Ridgecrest Desert Classic Mountain Bicycle Race will be on Saturday, 17 and Sunday, 18 October. About a dozen Hams are required on Sunday to cover the thirty miles of this race. Contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589.

Ridgecrest Balloon Festival 5-7 Nov

Mike Cash KN6IS and Jerry Brooks KK6PA will need a lot of help coordinating communications across seven RF services using the Ridgecrest PD communications van and the SARC RACES trailer. Contact Cash at 375-4441 or Brooks at 446-2228.


Field Day Field Day Field Day
by Mike Cash KN6IS

Field Day has come and gone at the LeRoy Jackson Park on 27-28 June. I am not sure yet how we placed but we worked about 500 contacts. The day started about 0600 with Mike Cash KN6IS and his son Phillip arriving at the park with the SARC tower trailer. Jerry Brooks KK6PA was not far behind with Ridgecrest electric power generator. Work soon started with erection of the tower and setup of the generator. Hal Hazel KM6JM, Bill Manatt KE6NHO and Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV assisted with the setup. The tower and generator were ready for operation by 1000 hours. Lloyd also brought out the SDARC RACES trailer and generator.

Cash and son put up a 40 and 80 meter dipole with their handy slingshot and fishing rod. John Agrelius K7HG and Bob Huckins W6UPI arrived with their 10 meter Yagi and 40 meter dipole. Brooks brought along a solar operated two meter rig. That rig got us an extra 100 points.

All was ready for an 1100 start and we were off with a bang with Jerry on 40 meter cw, Mike/Phillip on 20 meter phone, John/Bob on 10 meter phone. The points/contacts started to pile up. Most states were contacted as were several countries such as Australia, Mexico, Canada and Japan. The conditions were not the best but we took what mother nature gave us.

Daylight soon became night and the next shift took over. Bill KE6NHO and Jack Bitzer NL7SX took over at about 2200 hours. Jerry faded back to his bed at home while Mike endured the 24 hours fading in and out of consciousness in his camper. Bill hammered the whole night on 40 meter cw and Jack worked 20 meter phone. Even Elvy Hopkins NØLV arrived at 0200 hours to see what was going on but never got on the air. The SARC generator quit sometime in the night and K7HG switched to the Ridgecrest power plant.

Night soon became day and the next shift came on. By 0900 most of us had enough and began closing things down. We proved we could do it and all of the equipment worked well. Another Field Day under our belt. Will we do it next year? That will be up to you. Give some serious thought to doing Field Day next year.

Additional Field Day operators were Ted Holtermans KF6EYD, Tim Lyons KF6LCH, Jamie Agrelius KF6MSG, Ray Stevens KC6UTC and Walt Palmer Jr. KD4WBG. Thanks for the help.

145th Annual SARC Bar-B-QSO, Pot Luck and Tail Gate Swap Fest

The 8 July SARCBBQSOPL&TGSF at the Ron Ogren WA6PEV QTH was attended by about a dozen hot dog, hamburger, chicken and steak munchers, a couple of non-eating eyeball QSOers and no swimmers. Some of the N6PV equipment was offered for sale by Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV.

The pot luck was excellent. There was a round of toasts for the chef. A lot of good old fashioned eyeball-to-eyeball conversation was enjoyed. The weather was nice. A good time was had by all. See you there next July.

78th Annual Summer Ice Cream Social

Al & Reeds Natural Ice Cream was the place for this 12 August informal meeting. It was just a get together and gab fest with eye-ball QSOs galore. The ice cream, sandwiches and chili were reeeeley gooood. C U there next August.

Volunteer Exam Sessions

SARC VEs conducted two Volunteer Examination Sessions last summer. Bruce Johansen KF6PLF passed the General written examination on 13 June. No exaninees showed up for the 8 August session. VEs for these two summer sessions were Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV, Richard Marvin KA6MQO, Jerry Brooks KK6PA, Monty Shinn W6PFR, Bill Maraffio N6PR, Keith Clark W6SIY and Elvy Hopkins NØLV.


The autopatch on the SARC 147.00 MHz repeater is working again. It no longer requires a "9" in front of the phone number. Auto patch procedure is now: (1) Key down. Identify with call sign. Announce "autopatch." (2) Enter seven digit phone number. (3) Unkey. Hear phone ring/answer. (4) Key down. Talk to party. (5) When conversation is completed, Key down. Announce "Autopatch down." (6) Enter "#" to take autopatch down. (6) Identify with call sign.

Plans are in the wind to get the 450 MHz link between the Randsburg repeater and Ridgecrest running soon. Moving of the 147.00 MHz machine from El Paso peak to Ridgecrest will follow shortly thereafter. This work will provide: (1) Autopatch for the Randsburg machine, (2) An autopatch available any place in Ridgecrest, (3) A 450 MHz, open repeater linked to the Randsburg and the 147.00 machines.


Jerry Brooks KK6PA and Erich Muschinski KA6AMD have been looking for a way to tie into the National Traffic System via the KC6CEM 220 MHz node on Big Bear mountain. A larger, taller antenna was deemed necessary. Over the summer three concrete guy anchors and tower base were poured and a 37 ft., two section tower was erected. On 29 August the 220 MHz Yagi antenna was installed. Erich provided all the materials and equipment. Those providing additional two-legged horsepower were Hal Hazel KM6JM, Tim Lyons KF6LCH, Roger Sellinger KF6PLD and Jack Bitzer NL7SX.

For more information on IWV packet operations, contact Jerry Brooks KK6PA at [email protected], e-mail [email protected] or Phno 446-2228.

Show and Tell Program

Have you constructed a neat, one of a kind, magic black box? Are you exploring another of the myriad of RF toys available to Hams? Have you written a technical paper that is of interest to Hams? Do you have a special expertise that is RF applicable? The SARC second vice president and Program Chairman, Larry Merwin KE6YLG, is considering a Show and Tell meeting program consisting of several short subjects presented by members. Call him at 384-3180 if you want to contribute a short subject or present a demonstration.

RF Exposure Document Package

Are you working on your station's FCC mandated RF exposure evaluation? Do you want a complete package of FCC and ARRL documents which will guide you through the task? The April issue of The Airwaves had complete instructions for getting these documents off the internet. Not on the internet? Don't want to wear out your printer? Don't want to fight with the government printing office? Bill Burns WA6QYR has a complete set of the these documents. He will have them copied for you with advance payment of approximately $9.00. Contact Bill at 375-8566 or e-mail .

SARC Patches Now Available

Mark Rosenthal N6BVP has received our order of SARC patches. The price is $4.00 each. See Mark at a meeting for purchases.

from Mark Rosenthal N6BVP

As of 30 August

	Share account	$2,460.66
	Draft account	$1,795.35
	Total           $4,256.01
	Obligated funds	
	Relocate 147.00 repeater
	Balance	        $3,056.01

Minutes, Membership Meeting, 10 June
by Secretary Tom Ingram WB6EPD

The 10 June meeting was called to order by the second vice president Larry Merwin KE6YLG at 1930 hrs at the Heritage Inn. Tickets for a 50-50 drawing were not available. The sign-in sheet was started around. Mike Cash KN6IS announced that he and Jerry Brooks KK6PA checked Leroy Jackson park for the upcoming Field Day activities. All permits are in place and SARC will operate in the 3A category. Mike Cash also announced that anyone wishing to provide Ham related communications at the Balloon Festival on 7-8 November should see him or Jerry Brooks KK6PA. Visitors at the meeting were Gary and Fred Harlan. The audit of SARC treasure's records was completed with no problems noted. Starting in September, the SARC board meetings will be held at 6:30 pm before the general meeting. Lloyd Brubraker WA6KZV provided the evenings program on SHARES (shared government communication resources). The meeting adjourned at 2012 hrs.


Desk microphone, Shure 444D $50. Call Bob Huckins W6UPI 760-375-7655, e-mail . Proceeds from the sale of these items will go to the Fire Mountain Scholarship Fund for Communications and Engineering at Cerro Coso Community College in memory of silent key "Maggie" Pladsen WA6RFJ.


Four KLM 440 MHz Yagis (14 elements, 6 ft., boom, rear mount) $30 each: Four KLM 420-470-50N half wave sleeve balun with N connector for above $25 each: Two KLM 400-470-2N power divider with N connectors $50 each: Two Cushcraft A147-11 Yagis with stacking kit (11 elements 12 ft boom) $100 for the pair or $60 each: One Cushcraft 4218XL Yagi for 144-144.5 MHz (18 elements 27 ft boom) $125: One Cushcraft A50-5 Six meter Yagi (5 elements 12 ft boom) $60: One Sears Alternator, gasoline engine driven, 1 KVA, 115VAC, 60 Hz. $150. Contact Bill Maraffio N6PR 446-4165.


Save these from the MWR recycle bin. "Radio-Electronics" magazines bound by the year for years 1983 thru 1987. Call and pickup at Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-ELVY or e-mail [email protected].

Contact The Airwaves Editor Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-ELVY or e-mail [email protected].

See ya in da funny paperz. de NØLV